How to behave with a pregnant ?

How to behave with a pregnant ?

Being pregnant is not easy, but stay close to the woman waiting for a child nine months - it is certainly a test not only for her husband, but for all living with her under the same roof, if any,there is.

relationship with her husband

When a woman is pregnant, her condition is reversed.There are constant mood swings.Part of me wishes.Accordingly, women are very important to support and understanding husband.Therefore, dear man, have patience and get used to the new, but your wife.Women know what they want, but the man should be very careful approach to the wishes of the beloved, and try to implement them as far as possible.

  • Try to help her in every way.
  • In the early months of pregnancy, it is important help in the kitchen.Especially if a woman has a strong toxicosis.Before the pregnancy she loved to cook, but now you have to take into account its intolerance of certain smells, even the dirty dishes.And the faster the study, where the fork lie, and where the pan, the better will be your help.
  • Already in the early stages of pregnancy, a woman can not lift weights.This does not mean that it can not lift the remote and change the channel.Means - globally.And if you think you have used in the field gave birth, and nothing, then you are greatly mistaken.But often there were cases where the birth was complicated and women died in the process.Therefore, it should not be treated carelessly and think that, in any case, all will be well.Insure himself and his wife.
  • Of course, if you start too much to take care of your soul mate, it would be already too much.She still has to go, for her own benefit and for the child, of course.But to learn to deal with the economy is necessary.The reason for this - not only the wife's pregnancy.But even after the baby is born, it simply will not be enough time for a full cleaning, laundry, cooking dinner.Even if earlier it was a super hostess.

Whim wife

Most men suffer from the whims of their wives.When they want the ice cream, then the pickles, the fried fish.And the interval can vary a break of twenty minutes.You will, of course, it may seem that your wife over the mocks.But, believe me, it is not so.Simply, during pregnancy, a woman's body is changing, violated certain processes.She did not understand, he wants to just one thing after another.Do not take it as a mockery.Be patient, and after the baby is born you and laugh at her unstable desires.Transcend themselves, and you buy her a pineapple at two o'clock.After all, you love each other.And in any case, do not fly off the handle when bring him home, and his wife has not wanted.Remembering our advice how to deal with pregnant women, mute anger.

  • Some women during pregnancy will melt intolerable hysterics.Well, a lot, and before that it behaved.
  • not force his wife to worry
  • psyche in pregnancy is unstable, and often bursts occur.If you are lucky enough, and your wife is pregnant, how to behave, we'll show you.Do not make her worry, worry, be afraid.This can be reflected not only in her mind, but also on the child.
  • Try not to stay on the job, and if this happens, be sure to warn.Do not linger with friends.
  • drunk - it is quite possible.
  • If your wife is crying for no reason, do not consider it inadequate.Just her emotions came flooding back, and she needed somewhere to put them.Put your shoulder, and just perhaps, calm.Say what you will, it is very expensive.Believe me, she will appreciate it.

And in general, if a woman is pregnant, how to behave, you have to feel for yourself.Pay more attention to it I did not feel lonely.Make small gifts.This does not mean that it needs to give something very expensive.No.But to buy some sweets and a bouquet of flowers can be every man.Not always, but at least sometimes.And pregnant wife will feel your full care.