How to make a parrot cage ?

How to make a parrot cage ?

Any bird that lives in the home, you need a small house.So before you buy the feathered pet, take care of his comfort.Some nature lovers believe that the bird must fly freely around the room, not to languish behind bars.But this humanism can be devastating.In a typical city apartment parrot lurking many pitfalls.Buy a cell can at any pet store, but they often have a small size and colored paint bars or high price.If you have some spare time to find out about how to make yourself a parrot cage, taking into account the individual needs of your pet.

proper cell parameters

Before the construction of bird houses, determine its future size and shape, as well as the material you plan to use.The spacious cage you make, the better.Try to keep the length is greater than the height and width.The minimum cage size for the parrot should give birds the ability to unleash the wings without touching the rods.Very sad to see how beautiful and proud bird sits curled up in a ball and constantly obbivat tail.

course, budgie, or even a couple of them, arrange housing size 55cm / 52cm / 85cm, but for the larger breeds such dimensions are not acceptable.Comfortable cage for a parrot Corella like a cage with dimensions of 130cm / 42cm / 100cm in which the bird can spread its wings to flutter freely climb and perch on.You also need to take into account the overall size of the apartment, if the enclosure is occupies a large part of it, think about whether the breed of bird you choose.

list of materials and tools

cell manufacturing technology is very simple, but requires patience.A sample list of standardized materials used in the construction of the cell for medium parrots 55cm / 52cm / 85cm:

  • metal profile UD27 - 30 m;
  • welded galvanized wire mesh - 25h25h1.5mm - 2,5m2;
  • hardware - 4.2h7 - 220 pieces, 4.2h45 - 13 pcs, 3.5h35 - 13 pcs, 3x12 - 16 pcs, M6 bolt - 2 pcs, 2 pcs M6 nut, washer - 6 pieces;
  • canopies - 2 pcs;
  • chipboard - 800x600 mm;
  • galvanized sheet - 600x600 mm;
  • aluminum corner - 300 mm;

Instructions manufacturing

You have some free time and you decide to proceed with the construction, let's step by step look at how to make a cage for a parrot:

  • first step is to create pieces of metal profile frame, which will be attached mesh.
  • To fix the upper and lower billet, cut at the lateral side pieces and bend the longitudinal part 90 degrees.
  • Using screws, connect the workpiece.
  • Measure the required amount of the grid for a frame by determining the location of portions of the wires.
  • Proceed to the marked locations holes previously disassembled frame.The diameters of the wires and holes must be the same.
  • Assemble the frame by means of a grid.To do this, drag the wire into the hole made.
  • Secure the grid by bending wires sticking out.We need to do five of these frames - the front wall, bottom wall, top, bottom and two pobokam.
  • Make a frame of frames, combining them corners with screws.
  • chipboard base cut the required size cells.For mounting, use brackets and screws.If
  • make galvanized sheet pan, maintain the purity will be much easier.To do this, on the frame of galvanized metal sheets secure.
  • Cut out the front of the grid and grind sharp ends with a file is the location for the door.

Essential Accessories

cell is ready!Our advice on how to equip the parrot cage will help you create a cozy atmosphere for feathered host.The new housing is required to place:

  • feeders - at least two;
  • drinkers - better automatic;
  • perch - wooden, solid wood;
  • toys and ladders made of wood.

Now you know all about how to make a parrot cage.We hope that our recommendations will help you create the perfect home for your beloved pet.Remember that in any case, it is important that he was there conveniently and comfortably as shelter for birds is so important as it is for humans.Good luck in the manufacture of the cells!