How to make a toy parrot ?

How to make a toy parrot ?

In your house lives a little parrot?Certainly, he does not give you bored.Especially in the morning ... There is?Then you should think about what would take this restless bird, so that it does not interfere with its fuss you inspect these wee sweet dreams.

And the easiest option - it is a toy.Yes Yes!Parrots are very fond of all sorts of trinkets.And it is not necessary it should be a toy, bought in a store.After all, having at hand a few beads, a mirror, a chain, a toothpick, some wooden sticks, cord and other small items that can be found in every home, you can own hands to make such a masterpiece that where there before it stores.

you do not know how to make a toy parrot?Very simple.But before you begin, check out a few safety rules that you will need to comply with in the manufacture of a gift for your parrot.You do not want him to hurt his beak or legs during a game?

  • Make sure that in the game there are no gaps big enough to get stuck in them could parrot beak.
  • fewer different inks and plastics used to manufacture toys, the better.After all this parrot can chew.
  • The toy takes up less space in the cell, the better.
  • your toy should be durable.Parrots should not crush it.Remember, the owner it bites only half-heartedly, and will not spare the toy.

Options toys

Well, we have dealt with security.You can now go to the question concerning how to make a toy for parrots.Let's look at a few options:

  • The first and easiest thing you can do is take a metal chain with a few links and along its entire length to pass a toothpick in units, at some distance from each other.Toothpicks should include links to tight.Hang your toy to the top of the cage, and watch the reaction of your pet.And in comments unsubscribe if parrots liked our invention.And remember, this toy is reusable.With chain-nothing will happen, but toothpicks decently get away from your pet's beak.They can be periodically replaced with new ones.
  • You probably already know about the love of parrots to the mirrors.In the cage your pet have to be a small mirror.And in order to diversify the pastime parrot in front of him, you can proceed as follows.Take a thin metal wire, or the same chain, and strung it different size beads, buttons of all kinds, which differ in shape, color and size.Then you need to hang the garland improvised, securing the ends of the upper corners of the mirror.Believe me, your parrot will appreciate this colorful little thing.
  • can do and are self-made toys for parrots.Gather in the garden twigs of various fruit trees.Your goal - to make a ladder of them.To connect the branches to each other using a hemp cord.Your parrot will, with pleasure, to travel through the maze of these ladders.And what they are delicious!

Spend time with your pet.Do not be afraid to experiment.You will learn what he likes and what he does not like.And soon, you'll be able to have to give advice on how to make a toy parrot with his own hands.