How to choose a parrot ?

How to choose a parrot ?

So you've decided to have a feathered pet.The question arises - how to choose a parrot?What should I look for when buying?Together, let us try to understand the intricacies of the issue.

How to choose a parrot?Tips

Before you go for a parrot, think about how much your desire.After all, the bird requires care, feeding, attention and good attitude.Also need some material costs: cage, pet food, accessories, vet.Find out also whether you or your family members are allergic to feathers.If it is, then the parrot you have to say goodbye at the first moult.If your intentions are serious and there are no obstacles, then go ahead!

  • First decide what breed of parrot you want to purchase.Before that you have not had a feathered pet, then do not buy a large parrot.It is better to opt for one of two breeds: Corella or wavy.Parrots of these rocks are small: their size is 20-30 centimeters in length.They are relatively unpretentious, affectionate, have a gentle disposition, well-adapted to the new conditions and to the new owners.Plus these rocks in the fact that they are easy to learn speech.
  • How to choose a budgerigar bird or other breeds?Note the tail: it must be clean, smooth, shiny.If a bird's ruffled feathers rare, cloudy eyes, closed eyes, the most likely parrot ill.Look at the white patch under the tail - if there is redness or traces of excrement adhering, it is likely that a parrot intestinal problems.This bird is better not to buy.The feathers on the back should converge at a single point - if they are behind each other or overlap, the bird skeleton parrot developed properly or has received some kind of injury.Nadklyuvnaya cere parrot must be clean and smooth, like nostrils.How to choose a parrot boy?Easy: it nadklyuvnaya cere has a bluish tinge, and the skin of females - pink.Also pay attention to the conditions in which the parrot shows: the cell, the feeder should be clean, fresh water troughs, etc.
  • Buy parrot is best at trade shows or from breeders.There you will get the exact information about the age of the parrot, and about caring for this breed.You can buy a bird and a pet store, if there is no other option.You can not buy a bird with it: you can sell or illegally exported sick parrot.
  • What the birds have to buy age?Age should not be more than 5-6 weeks - they are easier to tame.Too little chicks, too, it is not necessary to buy, care for them - not an easy task.
  • When choosing a bird, look at her reaction to you, if the parrot is interested in you, responds to your approach carefully watching you, it is a good sign!You can safely buy such a bird: in the future you will be able to easily establish contact with her and teach her to speak.

Now you know how to choose a parrot.Good luck to you!