They say parrots ?

They say parrots ?

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They say parrots?

Our planet is inhabited by a huge number of birds.Their number is about hundreds of billions of individuals, and they are all very different from each other.But I would like to single out one, quite popular among the people of birds squad - parrots.These beautiful creatures are bribing their ability to mimic our speech.That, as they say parrots, is an individual feature of each of them.Some individuals may repeat single words and whole phrases and others.

Community parrots in the wild

With regard to the natural habitat of parrots, then it they are found only in packs.A distinctive feature of these birds is an intolerance of being alone, so parrots can be called gregarious creatures.The way talking parrots in nature, very similar to chat with each other and other birds.To do this, they use a simple "bird" language.Without a doubt, parrots can be attributed to the birds singing, because they emit sounds that resemble a rather attractive song.

ability of parrots to talk

So why parrots, unlike other birds, can reproduce the words and phrases of human speech?Assumptions are so many.It is believed that getting into the world of unusual people, parrots adapt to new sounds for themselves, and eventually try to repeat them.However, this does not affect all individuals.There are also nonspeaking parrots.

unexplored until now, that it affects the ability of parrots to copy it.But it is known that the presence or absence of the ability of parrots are not dependent on their mental abilities and gender.Another assumption, which may explain the ability of parrots to talk, the similarity is issued by them basic sounds and human speech sounds.That is why, perhaps, for parrots and a simple task repetition heard.

What better parrots say

The best talkers, able to repeat even intonation, considered Jaco parrots, their speech is the most clear.Pyrrhura also very good mimic our speech, but at the same time issued by the sounds they are not very similar to human speech.Many people really like, as the budgerigar.It can not only bearable to repeat the words, but also to simulate all kinds of surrounding sounds.

learn to speak

purchasing a talking parrot, should be ready for its high cost and the long process of further training.This will require a lot of patience and time.In the first place, for a positive outcome of training is not necessary to raise the voice of a bird, it's only scare her.Also, lessons should be carried out under conditions that exclude extraneous noise that can distract the parrot.Start training you need with simple words, moving sequentially from one to another, gradually complicating the task.

Any pupil achievement is accompanied by praise as a delicacy.Another great helper in teaching a parrot could be a tape recorder or dictaphone.It is enough to write a few sentences and put them parrot for frequent plays.As for the age at which the parrots begin to talk, it ranges from three to five months.

I would also like to add that often the decision to purchase a parrot is based solely on his ability to talk.After all, how to say parrots, video can be easily found on the Internet, at any time to enjoy this magnificent sight.But few people realize that for a sweet chatter of birds lie many hours of training, which may survive not everyone.