How to bathe a parrot ?

How to bathe a parrot ?

Personal hygiene is important to every body.Pets are no exception.This is required for them and for you.Parrots also require water treatment and collecting "prescribe" in his home winged neighbors, think about how to bathe a parrot.

By nature budgerigar, as well as other bird loves to swim, he does it in a puddle of rainwater or in the grass with plenty of water.For bird water treatments are special baths, but it is possible to bathe and a parrot in a regular dish or bowl.Baths or replacing installed inside the cells or outside of it.It can stand on the floor of the cell, and can be mounted.

basic rules

bathing water in the tank should be slightly warmer than room temperature and always clean, this is due to the fact that while swimming, bird and even drinks.During bathing, a lot of water is sprayed, so if swimming is not covered, determine the capacity away from the food.

depth of water in the bath must be no more than 2 centimeters, because the parrot is quite able to drown in a large amount of water.At the time of bathing, check for drafts in the room, it is very harmful to the birds.If swimming is always present, take it a rule to control the draft.

Game moments

bathing Another question: how to bathe wavy parrot if he does not want it.In fact, by its very nature parrot wants and needs to swim, it just is not satisfied in the circumstances.In order to make the procedure more attractive bathing, set close to the capacity of the mirror, you can throw in your favorite bathing bird toys.It entices to bathing lettuce, cabbage or other greens, placed in the "bath".It creates an atmosphere of natural greenery with dew.

Good young bird prepares to bathing water treatments using household water sprayer.Spray from the spray gun and interested in adult parrots.Simulated rain at home, will also create a game time for a pet.

At very trusting relationship with a parrot, the parrot can bathe in a stream of water from a faucet.In advance take care of the temperature and water pressure.They should be gentle.The bird simply bring to a stream, and it must decide to plunge herself.

Some useful information

Bathing parrot outside cells require additional control, the bird could simply break because of wet feathers.If the bird is strongly peremerzla and can not warm up quickly, put it closer to the ordinary incandescent lamp (eg, a table lamp).It is impossible to dry the hair dryer parrots, it can be fatal for them.If the parrot sprays himself with water from its beak, or actively playing a drinker, he had "hints" to the need for swimming.