How to treat a parrot ?

How to treat a parrot ?

In most cases, the owners of parrots blame for the fact that the bird is sick: malformed diet, abnormal conditions of detention, lack of hygiene in the cage and in the room.To avoid serious complications, each owner of a parrot you need to be able to recognize the disease and take appropriate measures for the treatment of feathered pet.


Every attentive parrot owner will be able to notice the first signs of a cold easily: just a bird inactive, nahohlennaya, has a sleepy appearance, shaking, often sneezes, may be present nasal discharge, bird often rubs the eye or cere may even refuse to eatand water.In a cold bird mucosa of the mouth and nose are inflamed red.Parrot is hard to breathe, often swallow, regurgitate.

very first action in the event that you do not know how to treat a parrot with a cold - warm the bird.To do this you need to put next to the cage at a distance of 25-30 cm. From poultry board or an infrared lamp.Also, be sure to darken dense tissue half cells.This is necessary so that the bird can withdraw into the shadows when it becomes hot.Then you need to pour water bottle camomile tea with the addition of drops of honey and lemon.And if you have a parrot cough, runny nose or sneezing should be done for him inhalation.To do this, pour a glass of boiling water balm "asterisk" placed next to the cage and cover the top with a thick cloth.What matters is that the fabric is not tightly closed the bird!Inhalation should be done within 15-30 minutes 1 or 2 times per day.During the procedure, be sure to watch for the state bird.


should be noted that diarrhea in a parrot - not such a rare occurrence.The reason for its occurrence can be moldy feed, stale water, and the presence in the diet of birds very large number of greens.It is worth noting that lead to gastrointestinal disorder may even lack of millet in the diet for a few days.So how do you understand that feathered diarrhea, diarrhea and how to treat a parrot?With diarrhea bird highlights watery, liquid stool that contain a certain amount of mucus.In addition, general parrot oppressed: he is sitting with his head down, ruffled, does not react to others and refuses to feed.Perot around the cloaca is contaminated.

First of all, a sick bird should be translated into high-quality forage.In order to normalize the work of gastrointestinal tract, should be excluded from the diet feathery greens, vegetables and fruits.Stain droppings cloaca should be wiped with a cotton swab after moistening it in a solution of chamomile.You should also add the broth chamomile or rice water in the trough.It is necessary to pay special attention to the point that it is important to follow the decoction of chamomile in drinkers, because it has the ability to quickly turn sour, especially in the heat.Therefore, it should be changed every 3 hours.It would be good if you fall down with powdered activated carbon is slightly moistened feed and give him a parrot.


A parrot how to cure constipation, which occurs when feeding feathered stale food or a large amount of fatty foods?Check that the birds constipation, can be in its depressed state, she often beats its tail or emits plaintive squeak.In addition, constipation litter has a gray or light yellow color.It is very dense and increased in volume.To help the birds, you need to replace the old food to the new, and add a 2-4% flaxseed.It should also be prokapat beak in 3-4 drops of castor oil or vaseline.It is advisable to enter into the cloaca 2-3 drops of the same oil.


development of the disease associated with kidney problems.Gout most often affects birds, which are prone to obesity.The parrot's body violated the metabolic processes, and accordingly, and disrupted the process of removing the kidney from the body of excess nitrogen.As a result of this joint accumulate uric acid, leading to the development of arthritic changes.The first signs of the disease - the appearance around the tendons and joints in the legs parrot nodules, having a white color.In addition, there is a very strong swelling and soreness.At the parrot in the initial stage of the disease can be observed alternation of energy and lethargy, and lack or, conversely, the presence of excessive appetite.

When the disease begins to progress, the parrot looks very depressed, stops playing, trying to move less and quickly tired.You can also notice that the parrot is drinking a lot, there is a frequent and abundant litter, sometimes even diarrhea.How to cure budgerigar from this disease?Note that in this case does not do without the help of a veterinarian.You must immediately at the first sign to show the doctor bird.After her examination, he appointed her to the correct and most effective treatment.However, in your power to prevent the occurrence of this disease in your feathered pet.To implement this, prophylaxis.It consists in the following paragraphs:

  • balanced feeding of poultry;
  • Judicious use when feeding foods containing protein;
  • Nedopuskanie obesity;
  • sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables.


The disease can in some cases be caused by dysfunction of the thyroid gland.But most of all obesity is caused by excessive consumption of high-calorie food.In order to prevent obesity, should be fed only parrot balanced feed, give him vitamins and provide the ability to move more: play, fly.


Usually poisoning occurs iz-za bad, stale water, substandard food, overdue delicacies (cereals, honey sticks), the inclusion in the diet of birds of banned products, equipment violations germination feed or as a result of eating parrot certain number of indoor plants orpaper.We should pay particular attention to that if the cell cover is broken, the parrot may begin to lick these places, thereby obtaining metal poisoning.Symptoms of poisoning are liquid manure, vomiting (sometimes even foam from the beak), the presence of undigested grain in the litter, refusal of food, malaise parrot.

So, how to treat budgies for poisoning?First of all, allow the bird absorbent.This will help reduce the level of toxins in the body.Absorbents are "Smectic" "Filtrum" "Polyphepanum" "enterosorbent" "Enterodez" or activated charcoal.Any of these agents can be added to the water bowl and food.Please note that the state of the parrot should improve after a maximum of 2 days.If not, then most likely, it's not food poisoning.To clarify the diagnosis bird should immediately be seen by a veterinarian.Where

treat parrot

If you have some knowledge and skills, you can treat your own feathered pet.Remember, however, that the treatment of certain diseases of parrots is still best left to a specialist, otherwise the consequences can be very sad.Therefore, if necessary, do not hesitate and ask for help to a veterinary clinic.