How to teach a parrot to talk ?

How to teach a parrot to talk ?

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How to teach a parrot to talk?

If you live at home feathered pet, then probably you are interested in the question of how to teach a parrot to talk.To make sure your parrot began to speak, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily lessons with him.Virtually every parrot can be taught to talk.For example, if you know how to teach speaking budgerigar, the same way you can learn to speak and cockatoos.More talkative parrot to affect his character and natural ability to simulate speech.By buying this, unfortunately, can not be determined.Parrots have the intelligence of 2-5-year-old child, and can not speak less and less.Remember that parrots can not stand the loneliness, the main thing for them - talk.If you are not at home all day, and on the weekend leaving the country, it is better not start a parrot - in such circumstances it will only suffer and certainly will not speak.It is best to give in training parrots aged 1 - 6 months.In the past 1 month of training is better not to start.Here are some simple techniques that you should consider when training a parrot:

  • teach a parrot needs to be one and the same person.Best of all, that it was a child or a woman - parrots are more receptive to high voice.Men, too, can be, as long as the parrot trusted him.Men are recommended to speak a high voice.
  • Friendship.Establish a trust relationship with a parrot.During feeding talk kindly with them, show their good intentions.Bird already trusts enough if you sit on your hands or shoulder.This is a signal that the training can begin.Comment
  • their actions, react to each event.For example, say before feeding "It's time to eat!", When you come from somewhere saying, "Hi!".Over time the bird will begin to use these words in a given situation.It is important that the phrases that you repeat, were always the same.Do not eat at the parrot the words and expressions that you do not want to hear from him.It is possible that your bird is very intelligent, and grasp everything on the fly.So do not use foul language in the presence of a parrot.
  • Parrots also pay attention to the intonation.They are easier to remember emotive cries, calls, swearing, praise.
  • Parrots are very curious, so in the classroom in the room should be as small distracting objects can: turn off the TV and radio, close the curtains.
  • How quickly teach a parrot to talk?Engage with them before filing goodies.Then the birds will have an incentive to do what you ask, as best as possible.The best thing to do in a certain time of 10-15 minutes.
  • begin training should be a simple and not very long words, such as the name of the parrot.The shorter a word is, the easier it will be a bird again.Say the word clear, loud voice.Please note that all birds have the ability to very different - a parrot can pronounce the word in a week, and another couple of months.Therefore, be patient and do not stop to engage with your pet.
  • can also record lessons on cassette or disc and include a parrot to repeat.At this time, the host must be present in the room, otherwise the parrot would say, only when the room is unoccupied.
  • not cover parrot dark veil during classes.He can sleep or go about their business.If you see a parrot, it will be easier to control his attention.You will observe the birds response to your question: if the bird is often blinks, moves her head, imitating sounds, it means listening to your speech and remembers words.
  • When the bird learns to speak simple words, you can teach her to speak phrases, sentences or even poetry.All phrases each time reproduced without change, with the same tone, with the same pitch and tone of voice.
  • If a parrot that it is impossible, in any case, do not yell at him, do not abuse, and even more so, do not grieve.After all, he could remember the insult and then repeat it endlessly.Do not hurry, do not overload the parrot information.Everything has its time.
  • conspiracy anyone can parrot, but there are more than capable of speech parrot species: African Greys, Amazons, wavy parrot cockatiel.How to learn to speak each of them?According to the same scheme.Home more praise bird, approve, give her a lot of attention.

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Good luck to you and your pet!