How to teach a parrot to talk wavy ?

How to teach a parrot to talk wavy ?

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How to teach a parrot to talk wavy?

choosing a pet, many stop at the budgies.For them it is easy to care for, in addition, they are picky about food.This wavy parrot can be taught to speak, and this is their undoubted merit.These birds are capable of memorizing about 600 individual phrases and words.Some of them may even learn to tell poems and sing songs.It is important to engage in training their feathered pet.

Rules training budgerigar

Start learning to talk budgerigar as early as possible, ideally on the day 35 after birth - in this period, such birds are most susceptible, and teachable.For training will need to allocate a separate room, where the feathered friend will not distract other sounds.Engage with them need daily for 5-10 minutes, it is not necessary to teach him longer, as the parrot can overdo it and no longer want to talk at all.

first classes

the first lesson is best to start with the imitation of birdsong to attract the attention of a parrot.To do this, pronounce the vowels as possible lingering.Then talked for a few consonants as clearly as possible.Especially recommended to work on the letter P, which causes problems in the development of even in humans.Say it a few times juicy and roared.As a result of the first training your pet will appreciate that human speech is very exciting for him.

Education said

When the parrot will begin to repeat individual letters, then you can begin to learn the words, but do not choose this difficult and long, as the pet will not be able to master them and be upset.To pick up a few simple training words consisting of three or four letters - "mouth", "until", "cat" and so on.Earn feathered pet them started correctly pronounce.Of course, just to achieve the desired result will not be possible, but after a couple of weeks, he will definitely learn a few simple words.Only then can we teach it further.

To speed up the utterance of words parrot, try to talk to them during the day, and they must be out of place.For example, when leaving the house, say goodbye parrot "So far," and when you return, be sure to clearly and loudly pronounce a short greeting.


Education To teach a parrot to talk undulating phrases, it is important to involve not only the personal interviews, and a tape recorder.Write a few sentences on it and let them listen to your pet during the day for 2-3 minutes.Information that will be repeated often enough to be acquired quickly your feathered friend, and he starts to talk to you very well, and others.Do not forget about promotions.When the true parrot utters a word or phrase, be sure to reward him treat.In no case do not raise your voice at him during class, but patient and gentle handling will give the desired results.

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