How to determine the sex of a parrot ?

How to determine the sex of a parrot ?

sex determination budgerigar for many of us is the real problem.Indeed, to the layman, this task can be nearly impossible.You need to know some of the nuances that we try to understand this article.The most accurate way is to determine the sex of a parrot is a bird cere color analysis.

worth noting that juveniles often have almost the same color cere.This greatly complicates the determination of sex.Before maturation and females and males have pale purple or pink plumage.The only difference from male young females is that they are around the nostrils white circles.As for male individuals of their cere has a uniform color.

about four months in males begins to turn blue cere.As the birds grow older, plumage color gradually changes from purple to blue and purple and bright blue.In the colorful birds, color differs predominance of white or yellow color, cere may remain violet for life.

In turn, the female, as they mature become pale blue or beige color.Cere the female ready to breed, it has a brown tint.On the issue of how to determine the sex of budgerigar we understand.Now pay attention to another popular type of parrots - Corelli.

The easiest way to determine the sex of these birds, when they reached 3.5 months of age.It is at this stage of life cockatiels males begin to sing."Vocal" period of males is relatively short (about 2.5 weeks).Therefore, many breeders have heard the first songs cockatiels, put labels to avoid confusion in the future.There is one more sign of how to determine the sex of parrot Corella.It is connected with the fact that a female has a more rounded body shape and smooth lines.In addition, females are calmer and virtually silent.Only sometimes they are "tweeting".

white parrots have this type of sex is determined easier.For example, females tend to have more yellow (lemon) plumage color.However, this feature is relevant only to the first molt.