How to tie knots ?

How to tie knots ?

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How to tie knots?

ability to knit strong nodes can be useful in various situations.But, of course, there are areas of life, in which there can not do without a properly tied knots.In particular, in this article we will examine how to knit fishing knots on the line.

Types nodes to

hooks is very important to know how to knit a knot on the hook.To do this, fit one of the following methods:

  1. Fishing Eight - is one of the main fishing knots, which is characterized by reliability and fixing strength.
  2. bayonet unit - this is probably the easiest way to tie a fishing line to a hook.But there is this node has its own peculiarity: for the bayonet assembly is better not to use synthetic twine, as the hook can slip from the heavy load.
  3. bumper knot - the most appropriate option for forged hooks eyeless.The fact that these hooks are durable, but it is quite difficult to attach a scaffold other node.
  4. eight Canadian - convenient option to use a synthetic scaffold.If need be, this unit can be quickly untied.
  5. Turtle node - a fairly simple procedure, but is only suitable for cotton fishing line.When using synthetic fishing line unit has the potential to come loose.
  6. deaf node is considered the most reliable and easy fishing knot.The main thing is that at the end of a leash you stayed nezatyagivayuschayasya loop.For this assembly fit all types of woods.
  7. Shark node - a rather complicated version of a fishing site that is only suitable for synthetic fishing line, but which also has a high durability and reliability.
  8. California unit - too voluminous, but simple knot for tying hooks and weights with the help of synthetic fishing line.
  9. Salmon unit - complex version of the node, but a very reliable and versatile.
  10. gripping unit - half snake node, which is generally used for linking the two ends of the synthetic scaffold.
  11. tuna node - rather complicated, but the most suitable site for those who use synthetic twine.

Types nodes to bind the woods

addition to ways to tie a fishing line to a hook, it is necessary to know how to tie two pieces of fishing line to each other.To do this, fit one of the following units:

  1. Blood knot fit quite simple, neat, and very versatile.
  2. fisherman's knot for the novice fisherman can be used for "Braids".
  3. Centaur - this unit has a high breaking load and easy to fit.
  4. nail.It involves the use of nails or other similar object.
  5. Water - very simple assembly, can be used even in the cold.
  6. surgical unit - a simplified version of the water unit, which largely used for tying leashes.
  7. vine woods used for the same in diameter, similar to the assembly for tying hooks.

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