How to become an angel ?

How to become an angel ?

angels - divine beings, called to serve God and help humanity.Most often they appear to people in white robes, with a halo, huge eyes, golden hair and wings on his back.That these artists depict angels, like the description of these creatures can be found in theological literature.This image is very attractive, so some people are wondering how to become an angel?

How to become an angel for life?

to become an angel, you need to understand that this is embedded in the image.So, this word refers only positive traits, ie, kindness, openness, sincerity, innocence, the desire to help others.Thus, to become an angel in life, you must have the above qualities, and if not, you should set a goal to acquire them.You must first deal with their ego and do not put themselves above others.Once able to do so, it will be calm and consistency.Also have to forget about such small "joys" of life as gossip, slander, malevolence, malice.Instead of spending time discussing a colleague or neighbor, you need to remember the poor and try to help them.At first, you can provide all possible assistance to the orphanage.It may be immaterial, because in such places often require volunteers who will help with the children.Also it is necessary to respond to requests for help in a particular case, without expecting a reward.This should be done from the heart.If suddenly someone cheated or Naham, you should forget about revenge, because an angel does not know this word.It is important to remember that the angel is love, this feeling should be the driving force.

How to become an angel after death?

How become angels after death?If you ask a priest to answer this question, the result is many people do not like it.After all, the angels were created long before the creation of the universe to serve God.Thus, they become after death is simply impossible, even if the person is a lifetime to live righteously.

Opinion esoteric

According to esoteric anyone can become an angel after death, he needs only to want it.Do not even need to be during the life of the righteous and to help people, it is important to desire.However, a person who lived undignified unlikely to want this, because his thoughts are occupied completely different.If you rely on the esoteric point of view, that an angel can be in life.But you need to have a bright start, the desire must come from the heart.For this reason, it is not necessary to wait for death, you need to decide for yourself to be an angel, and to act as a divine being.And if you suddenly get tired, you can quickly retrain human or demon.

There is also a belief that angels are the children who died in infancy.However, it in no way confirmed, but some esoteric claim that all people are angels, but they forgot it, and to become a divine being only need to remember this fact.