How to Photograph Nikon?

How to Photograph Nikon?

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How to Photograph Nikon?

If you are a proud owner of a famous brand of SLR Nikon, to create beautiful and professional pictures need to understand all the buttons and levers.

This article is for those who make the first steps towards the development of photography and asks how to make beautiful pictures with a Nikon camera.


First of all, you need to master all the built-in camera function.Let us examine them in detail:

  • shutter speed and aperture.Understand the principles of endurance work is just to be able to take pictures of, for example, fireworks;and the diaphragm need to create high-quality portraits.
  • sensitivity matrix.Deal with this function, you need first of all for capturing moving objects without blurring frame.
  • white balance can help to achieve a truly spectacular colors on the photo.
  • flash.It is indispensable in low-light or too complicated.
  • aperture.It gives images a very deep sharpness.
  • diffraction.This phenomenon is certainly worth exploring in order to avoid loss of frame field.
  • filters.The use of the filters in a variety of circumstances will not only help to avoid damage to the lens, but also to achieve the most beautiful colors of the sky or the sun.

few tips novice

  1. frame Statement.The most important object in the photo must always be at the center.All components of the image must be located in harmony and under the most favorable angle.
  2. Tall items are best photographed vertically and stretched in width - horizontal.
  3. In the absence of high-quality flash when shooting in low light conditions is not recommended object images with too much distance.
  4. Weighed down with the horizon - the most common mistake among novice photographers.Do not hold the camera at an angle.
  5. When shooting scenery in the frame in any case should not be exposed to unnecessary objects as arms, legs, etc.
  6. doing a portrait, choose the most successful and perspective do not come too close to the object.This distorts the features.
  7. Shooting against the light will never give you the results that you would like to receive.

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