How to make a hole in the jeans ?

How to make a hole in the jeans ?

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How to make a hole in the jeans?

can make the most ordinary jeans began to look more stylish and bright.One of the ways by which you can update the boring thing without spending extra money - do the holes in the jeans.Most of this case fit jeans from a dense fabric.

But what do the holes in the jeans, everyone decides for himself.It is possible to make holes on both the front and rear.Very sexy look completely riddled with jeans - it is possible to cut slits all the front panel of each leg.Behind usually make a hole right under the buttocks.You can make a small neat hole in the form of a heart or a tear in the form of a geometric figure.

How to make a hole in the jeans: ways

holes can be done on the old jeans any sharps.To do this, fit a pair of scissors, a sharp knife, an awl or an ordinary needle.Start with small holes, which can then be optionally increased.Expand hole area can not only with a knife, and a nail file, hairbrush, comb and all that falls under the arm.

blade or needle?

If there is a large supply of patience, make beautiful holes in the jeans can be the usual large needle ( "Gypsy").To do this, one or a pair of yarn pull sleeve, wherein removing longitudinal threads as transverse thicker and stronger.But it is quite time-consuming process, we can say jewelry.

So it's best to get even a blade.With blades made small incisions - then the process goes much faster.After the eruption of the holes in the pants can handle their edges white or any other bleach - jeans so it will look more stylish.To edge purchased fringe, jeans must also extend into the machine manually or automatic.

sandpaper, pumice and other

Besides the traditional teething leg scissors or a knife, on the network, you can find a lot of non-standard, or rather creative tips.Some innovators offer to use sandpaper, a pumice stone or iron with a stiff brush to clean the hole on the pant leg.

But in this case the result does not always live up to expectations, and efforts must be at the same time to make quite a lot and, accordingly, to spend a lot of time.But if all of a sudden there was a failure and the hole has turned ugly, it is possible to correct the situation.In our article, How to make a patch you can find tips to help you decorate the place with ugly hole.

How do artistic hole jeans

jeans is not always the owner wants the holes they were shapeless.Sometimes you want to make a hole in the form of any figure, for example, stars and hearts.These are called the hole "artistic".How to make them?

to penetrate into the pant leg jeans art opening, it is first necessary to determine its shape.If you select a heart, it is best to make a template on which will be applied to the incision.Once a template is selected and manufactured, it is necessary to attach it to the pant leg in the desired position and to outline a piece of chalk or a pencil.So the place indicated next hole, it is now necessary "to make."

To cut it is best to use a sharp knife or scalpel stationery.Common blade likely will not work, since it is not sharp enough and does not give the desired effect.The trousers have to stick a piece of plywood or board, when cutting to avoid damaging it through on both sides.After all the manipulations described can finally begin to cut.If the hole was in the wrong place, it can be repaired it, take advice from our article How to sew up the hole.

Matting artistic hole

Once the desired shape is obtained a hole, it is necessary to consolidate its edge.This is necessary in order to cut out the patterns for the hole after the first wash the pants did not lose its shape, as a thread former will fall and heart turn to the usual shapeless hole.

How to fix the edge?To do this, take a needle and thread and sheathe their simple interline seam (not over the edge, and along it).If art holes to fix the edge, they will remain rovnenko will not torochitsya.Threads can be taken both in tone jeans and contrast.But if you select a bright shade of thread, then the seam is necessary also to make accurate, as it will become part of the decor of his pants.Also fix the hole edge can, if their glue interlining.

On the same page you will find videos and photos on how to make a hole in the jeans.From our article What to make out of old jeans, you will learn how you can convert your old jeans.