How to become a Bloom ?

How to become a Bloom ?

cartoon about fairies Winx become one of the most popular in recent years.Still, it shows the life of the beautiful fairies who have successfully overcome evil and retain their magic Union, despite all the difficulties.Read about how you can become a fairy, see the article How to become a fairy.

founder Winx Club - Fairy Bloom, the main fairy Winx Union.Many girls dream at least briefly reincarnated in Bloom, and in this article you will find tips that will help you to become as similar to your favorite heroine.

How to become a fairy Bloom

To become as similar to the fairy Bloom, you need as closely as possible to reproduce her appearance.The main elements of the appearance of the Winx fairies - make-up, hairstyle and outfit.Consider each of the elements in order to create a complete image of your favorite fairies.


begin with make-up.The most important thing in the face of the fairies - eyes.They reflect the kindness and fairies should be as expressive as possible.In order to make your eyes visually bigger and brighter, we can apply a small amount of eye shadow.On the lip gloss can be applied to give them a bit of brightness and grooming.Remember that the main thing for the fairies - the natural beauty, and try not to overdo it!


fairies Bloom have red hair, but it does not mean that you necessarily need to dye their hair to be like a fairy.You can just make a similar hairstyle, and the similarity with the fairy will be obvious.In Bloom has bangs and facial hair is much shorter than the hair from behind.Fairy Bloom also has a small crown on his head.

Be careful, do not try to change her hairstyle very dramatically!It is better to ask parents to help you realize your idea become a real fairy.By the way, in the various transformations hairstyle fairies may vary.Try to choose from hairstyles Bloom one that is the most simple and does not require radical changes, and experiment!


Bloom prefers blue and pink hues in clothes.In various transformations in Bloom different outfits, but the colors are almost always the same.The transformation in Bloom Enchantix perfect dress with frilly pink and blue and blue sandals.Also Bloom beautiful long pink gloves and blue iridescent wings.The transformation Charmiks outfit Bloom almost completely blue - a top and skirt with decoration in the form of a purple heart.Blue wings like form on the wings of a butterfly.

Transformation Sophiex makes a variety of shades dresses Bloom.The dress of this transformation appear pale green and purple.Attire fairies in the transformation Sophiex looks like a dress with sleeves-lanterns, decorated with flowers and ribbons, and green sandals with a small heel.

Laviks - winter transformation, so this outfit fairies a bit warmer than the rest.It consists of a blue dress with pink fur elements on the shoulders and hem, pink fur leggings and blue boots on a small heel.The wings in this transformation Bloom pink.

This diversity Bloom clothes easy to find one that is the easiest to play, to be like your favorite fairy.

How to become a fairy Winx

Many girls dream to become a fairy, do good deeds, to have beautiful wings and shiny outfits.This is especially true on the eve of the holidays - Halloween, or any other, which encouraged imagination and beautiful costume.But the club Winx fairies have a few more, and learn about how to become one of them, see the article How to become Winx.

Remember that the main thing is to be a fairy - not how you look.The main thing - to be good and to please others only good deeds.