How to win at roulette ?

How to win at roulette ?

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How to win at roulette?

Excitement, adrenaline, excitement, disappointment and even despair.All of this roulette.The roulette play and win.The roulette play and lose, lose, lose ... But everyone wants a win.Let's talk today about how to win at roulette.

Can I win

Roulette How to Win at European Roulette?And what the American or French?First you need to come to understand that roulette, as well as any game of chance is subject to probability theory.After all, as the player wants to win a hypothetical (each of us): So he came to the casino and put a piece of dollars, say, 5. There!He now has 36 thousand.He took and put them all on the 6. There!He now has 1.296 million.Lemon!He took and put everything on the 7. Madness of the brave ... Now he has 46 ... almost 47 million!If someone wholeheartedly believes in his luck and he's got an extra thousand bucks, let him try, but remember that the probability of winning in this case is 1 of 37 in the third degree, ie,1 of 50653.

In roulette you can bet on a single number (the probability of winning - 1 of 37) on a group of numbers (from 1 in 18 to 1 in 3), on red / black, even / odd (1 of 2).The smaller the probability, the greater the gain.The greater the risk, the more champagne!There are always players who want to drown in the sea effervescent, but a minority.Most people are still sober and playing small-stakes on equal chances.It would seem that this game should end all perfectly acceptable.Poterebit soul of sweet dreams, make a bet on 3-5-10 times, and went home satisfied or not.About half - lost about half - won.

However, human psychology plays a bad joke with people.Those who quickly lost his chips easier: lost, given up, and went home.But who started to win ... to win the first bet, and a smile touched the lips.A trifle, but nice.He won the second, third - and smile wider.Then it may be lost, but won again."And I have now seems to be very successful day. Do not put bigger?"- He thinks.And puts.And wins and loses, and wins again.And, finally, it puts everything loses all.How is it that thinks this is unfair, because I have a good day today, I have to win.And it goes to buy more chips.And again, playing to the end, ie up to a loss.Here's how you can win at roulette at the casino.Like?


But the human genius is not willing to accept defeat, and there are numerous "win-win" game the system.Probability theory itself came into being as the theory of games.Play in the system - the best answer to the question of how to win at roulette.Videos will not help here, need to understand the very essence.Of course, you can use the system in a real casino, but the lights shine, hot looks, soft drinks that increase the excitement, not only contribute to this.Passion - the enemy of the system.And sitting at a computer monitor, you can run any program, the random number generator, draw diagrams and graphics and anything.And carefully move towards the goal.

enumerate, let alone describe, all systems is impossible.And it does not need, because they are based all in one.Namely, the fact that the probability of any number, group, the same color.For example, out of a hundred shots maximum probability of black and red 50/50.

system "D'Alembert"

Consider one of the most simple and reliable systems, namely the system of "D'Alembert".Put always, for example, on red.We start with one chip.At loss rate increase by 1, decreases as the winner.Try.

  • bet chips.Victory.Scoring 1. The cycle is complete.
  • bet chips.Defeat (-1).Put 2 Loss (-3).3. Put Loss (-6).4. Put the winnings (-2).3. Put the Gain (1).The cycle is complete.Scoring 1.

seems to result in the face of a slow, but sure.Everyone can practice, though, with the cubes.But the reality is unpredictable.The bottom line is that the probability of the next roll is completely independent of the results of previous shots.And one day the number of losses greatly exceed the gains.As a result, the cycle will last for an infinitely long time, and money from the player may not be enough for the next bet.

So whether it is possible to win at roulette?Can!If you do not play, then with 100% win the money is not lost.