How to shoot?

How to shoot?

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How to shoot?

Now a lot of organizations require their employees the ability to use a gun.Especially if they are guarding or service type.But not everyone knows not what gun to use, and even for someone just difficult to find such information on where you can learn it.In this case, you will help this article where you can find detailed instructions for pistol shooting.

gun and its features

gun - is a personal weapon that is designed to hit a target at short distances.First of all, it should be noted that the gun fire has good flexibility.Since the gun can fire 6 seconds to hit five targets located at a distance of 25 meters from the one who shoots.Now we will tell you in detail how to properly shoot.

submachine gun

Any trouble free in operation.Since they all have fuses that can be controlled with your fingers of the right hand and the store, it is easy to change.But what would be the highest quality martial had the gun, an easy and quick shot, and the rate of fire transfer depend largely on assimilation techniques shooter gun possession and his professionalism.To learn to shoot a gun, you need to know these shooting techniques:

outstretched arm

  • human nature when you specify a target pulling his hand in her direction.It has become a habit.This method should be used if you need to quickly send the gun at the target.
  • sure to learn how to hold the gun so that it was a continuation of the hands of the shooter.
  • If the gun takes the direction of the index finger, then you will easily be able to quickly and accurately hit the target.
  • Even from the physiological point of view of an elongated hand position most comfortable.Joints and muscles of the forearm and upper arm fixed in a position most firmly.

bent arm

  • Some arrows bent arm at the elbow, but it creates a disadvantage for the shooting speed.
  • half-bent position of the hands requires a co-ordinated, complex work of muscles.
  • brush at an angle to the forearm, so complicated a process aiming at a target.


Everyone knows that when guns that are light weight, are characterized by high efficiency.Therefore, when fired, and formed a large emission angle.Accordingly, the direction of the barrel is below the aiming point.

Thus.That is the correct location of the gun in his hand gives the minimum displacement.Which allows you to quickly restore sight point after the previous shot.Such a situation over time and with experience it becomes habitual.

Instructions pistol shooting

In order to more fully learn how to shoot a pistol, we propose to consider the option of shooting at a stationary target in an unlimited time.

This kind of shooting makes it possible to check whether the shooter had learned the rules.And it is this view allows you to examine in detail all the stages of the process.If you want to visually see how to shoot, the video will be the best assistant in this matter, as you will see with your own eyes what was going on.

As for combat conditions, then there is the gun used at a distance that does not exceed 50 meters.And a number of factors arising in combat creates the need for aiming at the center of the figure.Stages shooting a gun:

  • Check weapon before firing.Check the operation of mechanisms and parts of the gun and the target or condition of the impact device.
  • sure to check the cartridges and their status.Rusty bullet jacket, rumpled sleeves, deep set cap or other similar problems are evidence that defective cartridges.
  • Feet at the shooting range are located approximately on a horizontal platform.
  • After the gun is loaded, you must check the correctness of its position in the hand.
  • Take proper firing position and point the gun at the point of impact.
  • bated breath, aiming to clarify and then gently press the gun trigger.
  • When aiming need to look at the gun sighting device and at the same time follow the correct position flies in the slot entirely.This should be clearly visible notch and fly, and black circles on the background of the target poorly visible.But if the target line clearly visible and can be seen far worse gun aiming device, then it is wrong and the shot will be inaccurate.
  • Also, you will encounter the phenomenon of oscillation of the gun from the aiming point, but do not pay attention to it, it is natural.
  • Focus on smooth sights, as well as finger movement when pressing the trigger of the gun.
  • If it took you a lot of time and you find it difficult to hold your breath, aim you see dimly, and there is a desire to shoot quickly, then you need to get some rest, to simply bend the arm at the elbow.
  • Shoot only when you are sure of the correct movements.
  • sure to check out after the shooting.With the gun discharged, then make a so-called control descent.
  • If the end result goal was not impressed, you need to carefully consider their actions and determine where the error was made, and then try again.

Now you know how to shoot a gun, and you can learn it, if you put a little effort easily.