How to draw a fairy tale ?

How to draw a fairy tale ?

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How to draw a fairy tale?

process of drawing or illustration fairy tales to her - it's not a simple matter.After all, the figure most often need to represent multiple characters, set the appropriate draw in the background and surrounding objects.The very picture should get a bright and colorful, to convey the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

How to draw a fairy tale: a few tips

To draw a favorite story, you can simply draw all its characters on any background.For example, if there is a speech about the fairy tale "The Gingerbread Man", can be on a background of forest clearing to draw Bun, wolf, hare, bear and fox.Anyone who looks at the image, once it becomes clear what kind of fairy tale in question.But you can also draw and any particular fragment of the story: The Gingerbread Man jumps from a window of Baba and Santa and runs along the path;bun sitting on the nose of a fox and sings a song, etc.

According to the above principle can be drawn as a fairy tale "The Gingerbread Man", as well as any other -.. one has only to show imagination.In addition, if you want to do an illustration for the fairy tale "The Adventures of Pinocchio", we recommend you to read our article How to draw Pinocchio.

Stages drawing illustration of the fairy tale

Suppose you want to draw a fairy tale "The Golden Fish".To do this, one of the appropriate moments in the tale is the one in which the old man caught a goldfish and holds it in his hands.In order to familiarize with the picture when it was immediately clear that this is just an illustration to a fairy tale conceived, then it is necessary to draw in the background sea.

So, step by step drawing pencil illustration of this:

  • first depict the horizon, where the sea "converge" with the sky;
  • ovals denote the head and body of an old man, and a circle that later "turn" in the fish;
  • draws the fish - head, tail and fins, and a small crown on his head;
  • Santa dorisovyvat hands and "planting" in his boat (the outline of her, too, need to finish);
  • draws the features of the old man's face, draw it and bald with a long beard;
  • then needed to finish the old man clothes (it is best to "flabby", patched, because the old man in the story was poor);
  • Rybka recommended to draw the human traits of "person" - long lashes, plump "lips";
  • after the main fairy tale characters are drawn, it remains to bring "Entourage" around them - to paint the wooden boat, the background and paint illustration.

Explore other illustrations drawing technique to this tale can in our next article: How to draw a goldfish.

to gradually draw a tale both Russian and foreign, the main thing - is to come up with the idea of ​​the picture, that is, you need to know the content of the works.