What to give the cross ?

What to give the cross ?

relationship between godmother and her godson or daughter can arise in different ways.These two men not related by blood, can become a real friends, and did hardly be familiar with.This is largely dependent on the behavior of the most godmother, after all she and the godfather has to watch out for the spiritual development of her godson or goddaughter and otherwise instruct them on the path of life.If you become a second mother godmother, and you want to somehow repay her for all the good done to you can get a serious matter that give a cross in front of you.Let's look at a few options.

Once again, that the gift to the cross in many respects depends on what you are in a relationship with her.In this article, we present examples of the most neutral of gifts that you can give almost any scenario.

China, service, or tableware

Beautiful service, a tea set and a pair of beautiful cutlery in the house will never be over.To make the gift more original, you can order the inscription and engraving on these subjects.It will cost not so expensive, but as you show the cross, that the gift chosen carefully and with the soul.

Cake Custom

Whatever the reason for which you have decided to present a gift of the cross, you can go to any pastry shop and order a cake with individual design and any filling you like.Depending on your desires and financial capabilities offers cakes of different sizes, shapes and contents.The cake can be decorated with the inscription usual greeting, but you can order a cake unusual shape, for example, in the form of a vase with flowers.

Cosmetics Cosmetics - this is a win-win gift that you can give to any woman of any age.Of course, makeup is better not to give, because to guess her choice very difficult.However, a variety of shower gels, shampoos, soaps, and other cosmetic products require less careful selection.You can buy a ready-made set of cosmetics and assemble it yourself.

set of tea or coffee

Depending on what your godmother loves, you can also collect for her set of different varieties of tea or coffee.If you do this will seem a little, you can also add a set of special teapot and cups for tea ceremony or Turk for coffee.A very original gift will be set for coffee on the sand.The simplest of such a set is composed of several coffee makers, spoons, spatulas, the brazier and the actual sand.Also in the kit, you can add a variety of special condiments for coffee and tea additives.

As they say, in any gift of the main thing - attention.If you are a cross along well, the fact that you tried to choose a gift for her, she will be pleasant.

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