What to give a girl for 16 years ?

What to give a girl for 16 years ?

How to make your gift memorable and made imenninitsu feel unique and unrepeatable.

Make the right choice you can help the girl herself, or rather its interests.This age - time to multilateral interests, a variety of activities, hobbies.Remember what she likes, what she is interested in how to spend free time.Perhaps it is - a creative person, and will be glad to set paints, pencils, markers for tissue etc.

If you are not sufficiently aware of its enthusiasm and still are in the dark, which give a girl of 16 years, no harm will ask advice from.her environment, family, most likely they have a couple of recommendations "in reserve".

Also remember that around this age, girls begin to feel more adult, feminine, graceful.They start to look after themselves, for their skin, hair and figure.So, to give as gifts may suit beautiful jewelry, cosmetics, jewelry, clothes (however, in this case, not to be trapped, you must, first of all, more or less understand the fashion trends, and secondly, to know imenninitsy sizes).

On advantage will be evaluated and a modern way to please the young lady as a gift certificate.Where it is - depends upon your imagination and from the passions most imenninitsy - it can be a fitness club, solarium, dance studio, swimming pool, shop, underwear, etc.

16th birthday -. During the romantic, if a girl you especially close to, theiraffection can be expressed in various ways - from greeting cards with compliments, beautiful gentle words, drive with your favorite romantic songs, ending with the greeting out loud, for example, on the radio, or serenade under the window.

And, of course, the most coveted gift for women of all ages - it's flowers.You can come to this part of the creative gift - come up with their own little flower arrangement, or turn to a professional florist.No doubt, such a gift to have dreams of any 16-year-old girl.

What ever you chose, remember that you need to start from the desires and preferences of your imenninitsy instead of your own, then your gift will cause the warmest feelings and remember.