How to play counter strike ?

How to play counter strike ?

All your friends have long known how to play counter strike, and you do not?Then this article is for you.We look at what is generally a counter strike 1.6 how to play it, and how to become the best.

Let's start with the fact that the counter strike, a modification of Half-Life games, designed specifically for multiplayer games.I made it was because the plot is not very suitable for fighting on the internet - the monsters, aliens, but the game engine was very high quality, powerful and able to handle large flows of information.And there was a plot to combat terrorism and Counter-Terrorists.

Let's see how to play counter strike online.According to the game counter strike, starting from the very first year of its release, have been held championships and tournaments for the title of best team in the world, Europe and so on.That team, it's a team game.In the early years of the competition, the tournament was held on the 4-man team, but soon the organizers came to the conclusion that for the intensity of the struggle, intrigue, team coverage area maps should add one more opponent for each side.And now, the order reached the 10 years of the competition carried out in the format 5x5.But how to get into the team, or to collect it?To do this, you first need to learn how to play.

General points

ability to shoot plays a major role, but there is still a lot of little things.It is necessary to know the main tournament card inside and out, including the possibility to sweep through the wall, not seeing the enemy, to be able to save money, to know how much is the basic equipment and how much money you will be given in the case of winning or losing the round.Keep track of time, with the number of live players, both its own and opponents.It is also necessary to correctly use grenades, one wrong throw light can ruin an entire round, and as a result of a further 1 or 2 return (round, when not purchased nor any weapons, with a view to stock completely in the following).And of course to be able to think like the enemy, trying to guess his tactics, to hear him, to deceive.


Shoot, you should be able to from different positions: sitting, standing, on the move, on the run and even jump.Each weapon has a specific speed at which the spread increases dramatically.For example, you can shoot pistols at close range how to run and jump, long, preferably sitting or even standing.From machines sitting, standing or on the move.From sniper rifles standing or sitting.Also on rate of fire it depends on the spread - the sooner the better.Mode of fire should vary depending on the situation, if you are waiting in ambush, it is logical to sit down and be prepared to hold the enemy (shoot without stopping), and if you attack, it makes sense any sudden movement look out and shoot, or just to run around the cornerchecking where the enemy is.

Shooting can be trained in various ways.The most common training is a game on CSDM-servers.In this modification, you respawn right after death and just choose from the proposed weapons: a pistol and a staple gun.So you shoot all the time, without waiting until all the members of one of the teams will die, and a new round begins.We also encourage you to train a bunch of the main and secondary weapons: to counter terrorists USP and m4a1, for AK and Glock18 terrorists.For snipers either party makes sense to bundle AWP and Desert Eagle.AWP is the most powerful weapon in the game, and the only thing that kills the enemy with a single shot, as long as the shot is made in the body or head, even if the player wearing a bulletproof vest.When firing up the enemy is still a little more than 10 HP (health points).When shooting through a drawer, a wall or a door to the enemy from one shot to lose about 65 HP, that is, the second shot of the same will no doubt be fatal if not linger and change position.If the bullet through a sweep object hit in the head, then the player dies.Desert Eagle is the second weapon power, despite the fact that it is a gun.In addition, it is the only gun whose bullets hit objects.If after a miss from the enemy it takes to WUA nedyuzhy interest to you, grabs the gun and try to remedy the situation.Patrons only 7, so try not to miss.


In any round of a sniper only one, as the rifle is very expensive, and die and lose it much easier than it seems.Therefore, either four or all five members of the team usually used AK or M4A1.This is the best weapon that combines stopping power, accuracy and low cost.The first shoot of these weapons.You should always buy a bulletproof vest, it is only 1000, plus, it has a helmet, which greatly reduces the damage.From shots of the machine it is, of course, does not help, but the damage from pistols decreased by almost half.

In the first round given only $ 800, which is enough to vest or without a helmet, or a defuzy (Clippers neutralization) and grenades, or on another gun.It is just as important as all counter terrorists nippers to buy is not necessary, but at every bombsite (place of planting the bomb) should be at least one, namely point A hold three, one of them wire cutters, and on the other bombsite - The twoplayers, and just one of them are present.The remaining team members can buy armor.The terrorists, the situation is otherwise, it makes sense to buy another gun, Glock as poor, grenades, as they help to attack or armor, as the attackers themselves at risk of running into the grenades and tough reception.In all other rounds in the procurement should adhere to the following tactics: if the round is won, the next exactly procurement, and if there is no money, then ask for a drop (weapons bought godfather else) from a friend, who survived the previous round, since he does not have to spend moneyor armor or the cartridges or the grenade (if left).If the round loses, depending on the amount of money you should either make the purchase of the entire team, or to save money, neither of which is not buying, and even try to kill someone in this round, to buy next.


Also you need to learn tactics, viewing demos (record games) professional teams: the ambush site, variants of assault, options, if you are the only one left alive.There is also a special video - cut from tournaments or rollers of a particular command, such as fnatic, SK, mibr etc, will help you master the counter strike.How to play videos you prompt, in some specific situations.Usually muviki (rollers with fragments of the game) is inserted into moments where one player deftly throwing all the enemies when they attack, or else skillfully superior opponents tactics.If you want to play counter strike as video commercials on the show, you know, it will take months, or even years, especially if you've never played a shooter.

In this game have a brother with a new engine and graphics, new models and physics - Counter Strike: Source.However, a very small part of the dissent fans went to this version of the game.Most, like the first, playing CS 1.6.How to play counter strike sours you also prompt videos, tactics, and of course his own experience.But, in fact, the game has changed only superficially, maps, weapons have not changed much, as all vnutreigrovye principles, so if you played well in CS 1.6, the LAS and play you were not working.

In any case, no matter what game you choose, you will succeed, if you attach to this perseverance.Give the game a long time, the friction play on different cards, use different weapons, choose different opponents in power, and the more, the better.But remember, this is just a game, in this respect the opponents and yourself, good luck!