How to make a dog maynkraft ?

How to make a dog maynkraft ?

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How to make a dog maynkraft?

World Maynkraft fraught with many dangers, so at this point need someone who will be able to protect against evil monsters.In this case, you need to enlist the support of man's best friend - the dog.After all, it will be able to quickly recognize the danger and save them from the evil creature.To learn how to make a dog maynkraft, can be found below.

Taming dog maynkraft

Dog maynkraft can not be crafted, it can only be tamed.The case is troublesome and unsafe, but will be able to enlist the support of the other.So, what you need to know first of all is the fact that the dogs as such maynkraft there is only wolves.After taming they become friendly mobs, which will protect the owner from the dangerous creatures that inhabit this mysterious world.Moreover, the dog can walk and play, in general, as well as in real life.

Wolves spawn in the forest or in the woods, so to find them you need to sent it back.If wolves could not be found, you have to spend a few nights at the place of the alleged spawn.However, it will have to illuminate the area with torches.Also, you will need to take with a bigger bone, as tame animals will need to be using them.

Once you see a wolf, you should show him a bone, as a result it will be for you to follow.At this time you need to get you right-click on the wolf with a bone clamped in his hand.To tame the beast, will have to use a lot of bones.

Recommended tame once 3 - 5 wolves, so you will be able to provide themselves with a reliable protection from the evil monsters.After taming the wolf would be a dog, and it will be a red collar around his neck.The animal will always follow you, but you can give her the command "sit" click, and it will remain in place.If the dog is too far away from his master, she can teleport to it.If two dogs standing together to eat meat, then the puppy will soon.

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