How to play Borderlands on the network ?

How to play Borderlands on the network ?

If you prefer fiction thriller, the Borderlands game is exactly what you need.The scenario is that you get to another planet, where you have to fight for their lives, not only with a variety of creatures and bandits, who do not have a small arsenal of weapons professional.Next, we will present all the information about the game of Borderlands, as a play on the network without any obstacles.

LAN Settings

  • Download the Hamachi client and configure it.
  • Download the latest version of the game.
  • Go to the "Networks" tab, and then negotiate with its members about the game.

above, talking about how to play on the network, we have mentioned some important point that you need to play the latest version.As for the considered Borderlands game, then it is already there is a second part, which will give the opportunity to play in a similar way with other people on the network.

Of course, we note also that in Borderlands 2 play online is much more interesting.Since developers have left the same pattern, namely, the action takes place on the same planet, called Pandora.There still exist bandits and evil creatures.Well, we - the players are required to clean up the planet from the overwhelming evil.However, the creators have promised not only new insidious plots, but also a good solution which will reveal many secrets beginning of the first part of the game.However, those who have already passed this game, satisfied.

So, the game settings through the network, we have already noted, but other than that, we are not only creating a game server, and set up to connect to the game.Therefore, further instructions, we will focus in more detail on all of the upcoming stages.To begin with, we need to connect to the game created Vorderlands 2:

  • comes into play.
  • Select the section "Network Settings", which put a check next to the inscription "Local Area Network", then go to the section "Find Game".If the settings of the game in English, then it will look like this: fluoresce inscription «Network Options» and we put a tick in the box marked «LAN», then fluoresce «Find Games.
  • connect to the server and create or select your character and play.

With regard to the creation of the server in the game Vorderlands 2, here as there are several steps.These steps we have described below:

  • comes into play.
  • Go to the "Network Settings" section, where we put a tick in the box marked "LAN", then "New Game" or "Continue".If the settings in English, it looks like this: «Network Options» section, where we put a tick in the box marked «LAN», then «New Game» or «Continue».
  • automatically starts the game.

This game continues to gain popularity because it has everything that gamers need, in addition, for a moment it did not get bored, because the adventure is everywhere.Therefore it is not strange that the game of Borderlands, to play on a local network is much more interesting than just a computer.After all, no one can estimate the original members of the network and its possibilities.