How to play WoW?

How to play WoW?

World of Warcraft offers a huge number of game options to users.And because the newcomer would have to spend some time trying to understand at least the basic capabilities of the game, allowing to make the first steps in the fascinating world of war craft.Read more about them we will cover in this article.

based gameplay WOW


At the very beginning of the game you will need to:

  • Choose peace.Since this game is multiplayer, so that the players are not "pushing" in the game space, it was divided into several absolutely identical worlds.They differ only a list of users.So if you want to be able to play together with your friends, add in a world where they are.At the same time still worlds themselves can be divided into 4 groups, which differ in style of play.Choose what you like, and follow on.
  • Create a character.You can choose the gender, race, class and appearance options.If this stage you do not particularly interesting, you can always use the character creation function automatically by random selection.

game Basis

Once the choice has been made and your representative in the world of WoW is selected, the game window will appear.Of special symbols on the screen, you will receive information on:

  • appearance of the character;
  • his state of health;
  • available resources;
  • the health of your goals, its resources and appearance;
  • minimap.

Also, before you will be action bar, a menu button, a hot button.Periodically appear tips.Examine all the items before you play WoW.

depending on what character you choose, it will have certain abilities that will need to be supported by adequate resources.For example, the rage, so necessary for the soldiers will accumulate as causing harm to your character from other characters.But robbers are cunning to achieve their goals, rather than aggression.And so on.In addition, to strengthen their "talents" characters will be using a variety of secondary sources.Watch out for those around you playing field, not to miss them.

As the game progresses you will have to carry out tasks of different types and different difficulty.Try to do it as best as possible, because it has a positive impact on your gaming ward.Giving the job you will be other characters, some of the objects and items - observe the relevant indicators next to them.To assist in the implementation of the missions you will be tools that you collect throughout the game his way.

to perform tasks, as well as for the implementation of certain gaming purposes are combined into groups with other users.To agree on the course of the "operation" to discuss the pros and cons of already implemented policies, as well as easy to communicate, you will need to visit the WoW chat.


Of course, the first steps in the game you will be doing in the world, prepared for the beginner - the system will help you in every possible way.Offered job will also take into account what you have is poorly versed in the gameplay, and therefore will be of including a training character.

As experience the world around you will become more complicated - there will be more dangerous and insidious opponents, there will be many challenges, but also opportunities your will is much wider.

At a high level, you will have:

  • Search dungeon with monsters, protects great treasures.
  • raided.It is special for the complexity of the task in the dungeons that are only available in the best, skilled, experienced and knowledgeable players.
  • Fight with other players in the arena - perhaps the most difficult varieties of the battlefield where all are fighting against all.

All tasks at a high level you will perform in a team with other users as to cope with such challenges will be simply impossible.The number of players in the groups required for a particular mission, will be different.It may be 5 people, and 25, for example.

whole gameplay is accompanied by carefully verified storylines, the divergent, but again converge at the desired point.So keep an eye on the history of the story, to feel all the charm of the game.

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