How to remove the bots ?

How to remove the bots ?

lovers play Contra often faced with such a moment as the numerous games with bots.Indeed, when bored, it's a cool way to spend time in the game, because the crowd bots, chasing it on the map for you, or a full-fledged battle with a bunch of bots - this is really cool!

Who are the bots, and how they add to the game?

Many at the time faced with the question of how to add bots to the game, the answer can be found in the excellent article "How to create bots in CS?".In the same article there will be described in a couple of ways of how to remove bots from CA server.This was known to many, but still there were times when the way familiar to us for a long time and transmitted to the careful storage of the elder brother or a loyal friend, does not work.That is why here I will describe working embodiments of which will answer the question of how to remove bots.It will no longer be for you a problematic issue, just read on and follow the instructions.

Removing bots

How to remove bots to the Constitutional Court?In order to remove the bots in the CS, mostly very old method used with the console.To remove a bot boring you, just something worth click "tilde", type in the cherished «sv_cheats_1», and then simply enter the command «bot_kick», and your game with speed bullets fly all bots.In the game, each player there were moments when he started an eyesore just one boat or the same bot often stood "atypical" thinking among his comrades, and often simply infuriated by killing her.In such a case, there is one interesting team, it makes it easy to remove the bot from the game.To do this, enter the «bot_kick_123», where "123" - the bot is the name of the game.Also in this method you can control the balance in the game.

Expansion bots

Sometimes it is worth considering that most players put on their special extensions for the game bots, which subsequently much smarter and more active.

But most players are faced with the problem of removing the bot is on the server.To do this, there is a certain menus called PodBot.This utility allows you to more accurately adjust the number of bots in the game and teams.

remotely using PodBot

How to remove bots from the server via the menu PodBot?Yes, very easy!To do this, simply enter the command amx_pbmenu, which is a list of commands to control bots.Among them there are teams that are thrown out of the game all the bots, but there are those who throw just one.

This utility is useful for those who do not want to spend too much time entering commands into the console.It should also be noted that the program allows you to adjust the level of the professional game of the bot and his habits, in turn, you can customize not only the game itself, but simply by editing the file «podbot.cfg », where the parameters of bots and their skills are also saved.