How to get to Northrend ?

How to get to Northrend ?

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How to get to Northrend?

Northrend, or also known as Northrend - is the northern continent of computer online game World of Warcraft, is available to users with additions Wrath of the Lich King.The continent consists of nine locations.Sometimes the mainland styled "Top of the World" or "The crown of Azeroth".How to get to Northrend - you learn from this article.

How to get to Northrend in the game WOW

First of all, you must have your account in the game.

Faction Horde

If you are a supporter of the Horde, you will need a blimp to reach the north.

airship is in the play area Orgrimmar (45:61 position).It requires access to the house and go up to the tower using a lift (in a game designated green cross).Next, you need to wait a while until the vehicle appears, the nose is like a shark.

On the airship can reach locations Borean Tundra (Warsong).

To get into the playing area Howling Fjord (Vengeance), should be expected near the Undercity zeppelin zone (Brill, Tirisfal forest).

Faction Alliance

If you play for the Alliance, then get to the north of the continent can waterways.The required ship is in Stormwind gaming locations (coordinates 17:25).It is necessary to get to the capital's port and wait for transport at the right pier.

ship will bring you to the starting location - Borean Tundra (Courage Strength).

If you go on a ship in the game Wetlands area (in the city of Menethil Harbor), you can reach the zone of Howling Fjord (Valgarde).

How quickly get to Northrend in the game WOW

get to the northern area can be quickly and easily, however, it needs to spend gold.

Get the mage portal seventy-four levels of gaming locations Dalaran (cost is about ten to fifteen gold coins).

If your hero is himself a magician (not less than seventy-one level), you can use the ability to Teleport: Dalaran.

How to get to Northrend in the game WOW: Cataclysm

Following the Wrath of the Lich King Cataclysm came addition to the game.Location mobile equipment is a little different.

Faction Horde

To get to Borean Tundra location need to use the same airship, just wait it will now be in the city.It requires access to the flight manager and a good look around to find the vehicle.

To get to Howling Fjord, to follow the Undercity outlying areas.

Faction Alliance

ship location for the players at the side of the Alliance has not changed.

So, to get to Borean Tundra, follow the upper berth Stormwind zone.

get to Howling Fjord zone may be on the boat from Menethil Harbor.

In this section, World of Warcraft, you will be able to learn about some of the secrets of the computer game.