Gifts for the 50th anniversary ?

Gifts for the 50th anniversary ?

50 years - a significant date on which you want to give something unusual and original.Of course, a gift depends on individual preferences hero of the day, but you can also select some interesting ideas that will be to the entire soul.

In this article we will explain what to present to the 50th anniversary of women and men.

Gifts woman

In the half-century anniversary of the fair sex is accepted to give jewelry made of gold or silver.Rings, earrings, bracelets and watches will be your best choice.Of course, not necessarily to buy expensive jewelry, if there is no such possibility.You can pick up the original set of jewelry, suitable for women of this age.

If you are familiar with the taste of the birthday girl, you can safely buy her good French perfume.A set of quality cosmetics or care products for face and body - is also a good choice.If you are in a fairly close relationship, you can give a woman a luxurious linen package.Such a present will make her feel still young and attractive, and a similar mindset is important for women of any age.

at 50 years for women also accepted to give expensive sets of cutlery and exquisite dishes.Silver plated knives and forks, tea and dinner sets, large vases for fruits and dishes baked in handy for every owner.A good option would be famous and Chinese vases.It is advisable to choose a large floor vases with original patterns or painted.Such a gift that always looks solid and dignified.

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Gifts men

A man of 50 years can give a pretty expensive watch, a wristwatch, and desktops.Business representatives of the stronger sex suit different sets of office in the form of pens, Fine ashtrays, cigarette cases and so on. D. A good option would be a portfolio of high-quality leather or notebook with a leather cover.

Keychain or studs of silver will like real aesthetes.They also appreciate his portrait on the wall, which you can order from a good artist.By the way, like it makes sense to give the presents on the 50th anniversary of the captains, they like to enjoy their own image in a private office.

new phone, camera or video camera suited to men who go with the times.But fans of the nature and garden owners can give a good rocking chair, tent, set a grill and skewers for barbecue in the open air, and so on. D.

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