How to create a server via Hamachi?

How to create a server via Hamachi?

Many gamers prefer Maynkraft game to play with friends, not alone.To this end, they are connected to official servers and servers of other players to enjoy the game with other gamers.However, not everyone is happy to play on a server where the administrator sets the rules, which may at any time to do what you do not like.In this case, gamers prefer to have their own server to play with friends and is often used for this program Hamachi.

consider in detail how to create your own games Maynkraft server via Hamachi software.

Create Maynkraft server via Hamachi

to play with your friends on your own server Maynkraft via Hamachi software, you must perform a few simple steps:

  1. Download and install the Hamachi program from the official site.To play in 5 people will be using a simple free client software.However, for high-grade server will have to fork out for the paid version of the program.
  2. Now run the program and create a new network.It will have to enter a password and login, which friends can find and connect to the server.
  3. Maynkrafta Download the server files to create a working version of the official website of the game creators.Files are distributed free of charge.
  4. All server files are placed in a separate folder with the Latin name of the desktop so that it is easily accessible.
  5. Run the server files and look forward to when it will download all the necessary files from the network for their work.
  6. Open special server configuration file named "server. Properties" with a simple notepad.
  7. The line "server-ip" replace value to that specified in the Hamachi program.Save the file.
  8. Run server.After downloading it will be able to connect to your friends through the Hamachi program.
  9. order to connect to your own server, you need to log into the game, go to the directory and multiplayer in the ip-address enter the desired address of your server.After your entry into the world of all the other friends will be able to connect to it.

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