What to give for my birthday ?

What to give for my birthday ?

What to give for my birthday?Today we talk about this holiday as we all loved Birthday!The peculiarity of this festival is that everyone is celebrating his - his, in contrast to the conventional celebrations, general instructions and traditions.Therefore, we are able to come up with a birthday celebration scenario, give an original and not a trivial gift.And what is a banal gift?Banality can be defined as follows: if a certain gift donated at least once in your life are your friends, and it means trivial.For example: clocks, tableware, frame for photos ...

Often we can not guess what a person needs, and the man from a direct question may leave as ashamed to be called their "dream".Of course, we do not take into account children who are six months before your birthday chattering that they need, such as a doll!So what to give for my birthday?

Watching someone

We consider gifts by age and category, ie people under thirty, fifty or older.It is necessary to give, in any case, not the first available thing.We can assume that if a person is older, it is possible to give him some sort of an antique item or object that reminds him of the old days.Of course, if your friend is experiencing financial difficulties, you need to pick up necessary for him a gift that will need it every day.

gift for a child

child, clearly, it is necessary to give children gifts, and do not need his parents things.Therefore, ask what he would like to receive a birthday this must be done several times, and only then make a purchase.If the child can not answer yourself, you can watch him, what he likes to do.Perhaps, a good option would be a common board game or a set of young chemist.Maybe it will suit your favorite cartoon character: Cinderella, Batman, Robinhood, Shrek - is a great birthday present.

Gift teenager

If you need to give the gift of a teenager, it's likely you'll have to fork out.Teenagers usually want to imagine gadgets, and even the beautiful clothes they do not like.Therefore, you will need to think in advance what he needed.This could be an mp3 player or a new mobile phone model.It all depends on how much money you can spend.As there is such an option - make a teen birthday in a cafe.Not in the children and in the ordinary.Of course, you need to invite your friends, so that they would have been fun.It is also possible to organize a weekend trip - take the child to nature.But all this must be consistent with its needs.After all, if he does not want to go anywhere, then it is not necessary to force.For girls this option is possible gift - a beautiful dress or other fashionable clothes.You can go shopping together and choose your favorite thing.But do not give at once, and in the Birthday to the teenager left feeling waiting for something wonderful.

Gift adult

If you go to a soiree to a colleague at work, then give expensive gifts, we do not advise you, as this will be a sign of bad taste.If all the birthday gifts will be disclosed at all, who - it may be embarrassed that his gift is much cheaper.Therefore, always stick to the golden mean.Of course, you can talk with the birthday of what he needs, but it is better to come up with that - something different, original.Perhaps it will be a nice souvenir you brought from abroad, license disc with a movie, just released in theaters.Good will look even if together with a gift you bring candy or dessert.Candy buy in boxes rather than in bulk, as in boxes, they look much more beautiful.Also, it is possible to bring and donate a bottle of expensive wine.This will be a great gift if your boyfriend or girlfriend connoisseurs of the drink.If the birthday will be celebrated in the cafe, it will present a vocal performance or beautiful dance, performed by the famous ensemble.This can be done, to cooperate with other guest.It is also possible to order a beautiful fireworks in honor of the holiday, and it will be a complete surprise for the birthday child.

Gift after fifty

If your friend or girlfriend for more than fifty years - that's fine.As you expand the opportunity to give gifts on any topic.It could be items for the kitchen, and beautiful clothes, and it is possible, quality appliances, and beautiful blinds or curtains, a wonderful natural rug in the bedroom!Of course, the older generation appreciates quality leather items, and you can give the belt, wallet, purse.These things will not lose its relevance than ever.A woman might give a subscription for several months in a fitness club, and a man - to the gym.This will be a special gift, and very necessary, for the older generation.Also, you can give a woman a beautiful rare books on cooking, and the man - gift books related to his professional activities.And, do not forget to give fans Melpomene theater tickets.It is also very important attribute - it's flowers.Although many say that it is a waste of money, but they need to give, because it is a tradition that has developed more than a century ago.

gift to the older generation

If you need to give a nice gift to the older generation, then choose the things that will remind him of his youth - the finest pore of a person's life.Perhaps arrange evening in retro style, where the music of his youth will be heard, including the black - white film with their favorite actors.Gifts for the birthday of the most part have to be family.This can be made a photo album or a family tree from which went to your family, or even a sweater, knitted caring hands granddaughter.Perhaps it will be a ticket to a sanatorium.Also a good gift for the older generation will be when the table will gather all the family, even if not all live near him.It is a good idea - to invite the best friends birthday.

can still give the right things or objects for hobbies - fishing rod, binoculars, stamp-album, and more, that is, to give that thing, which is - truly take man holiday and cheer up the whole year.We hope that you liked the gift options proposed by us, and your gift will be truly appropriate and refined, and the birthday boy unspeakably overjoyed him.Give gifts - it's always great!

So now you know what to give the family and friends that give birthday and also be in its original gift.We wish you only good and true friends, obedient children and strong family relationships.Then any holiday will be successful and will bring a lot of positive emotions not only because of the gifts.