How to wean from the bottle ?

How to wean from the bottle ?

This problem is particularly acute for those children, who were on an artificial or mixed feeding.For them, a bottle of delicious milk mixture became a kind of reassurance, encouragement, symbol of security and stability.And suddenly someone wants to deprive them of a pleasant, familiar and beloved.How then do not cry, do not be indignant, not to arrange a stir?How to wean a baby from the bottle at such raslade?

Especially because this is not just necessary, but necessary.After all, the baby grows, he confidently walks, sits, holding a spoon and a cup.He needs more products that do not "fit" into the bottle.In addition, long-sucking from a bottle a bad influence on the growth of the teeth (malocclusion may appear, dental caries).

In short, it's time to leave now addiction to suck from a bottle.How to do it painlessly as possible?

Several attempts

First you need to find out how the baby is ready to leave with a bottle.If it is a day or two after you have replaced the usual for him a cup bottle, cry, capricious, and then forget about their once-favorite pastime, then the child was ready for this parting.

If not, if it is a long time continues to be capricious, and even fight in hysterics, set aside the decision of the question for a few days.Then again, resume trying to wean the baby from bottles.If you still fail, do not despair.So, your child is not ready yet.weaning process should not become stressful for him.An attempt to wean the baby from bottles should be resumed later.Patience and a little effort.Attempts have been made over and over again, and you will certainly succeed.

Beautiful tableware

way, pour the drink into a beautiful baby cups and always pay on the beauty of his attention.This approach not only to divert his attention from the bottle, but also contributes to the development of aesthetic taste of the little man.


Parents can even go to a trick: in a bottle of milk formula to add, say, a little more salt than they need.And in the cup, on the other hand, pour the sweet, fragrant, delicious drink.And baby makes a conclusion: that in the cup, better, tastier.After all, as they say, is relative.

personal example

And do not forget to show a personal example to the child.After all, the baby always like to be like my father and mother, as quickly as possible to become an adult.If Mom and Dad drink of beautiful dishes, then it will sooner or later want to follow their example.

's play

And, you can say goodbye to the bottle in the form of games, to arrange, for example, butylochkiny wires.Thank bottle, said that she had already served its service and now will be transferred to the baby grown up very small children.In this case the child will realize that it grows, matures and is getting closer to the fascination adult world in which they live dad and mom.

How to wean from the bottle at night

After all, he is asleep particularly capricious.Try to outsmart the baby.Say bottle broke, ran away, tell me that the baby is already large, and therefore, like adults, have to drink from a cup.A bottle went to a small Lala.And it was quite a grown almost like father and mother.And it requires a completely different dishes.