Constipation in the newborn : what to do ?

Constipation in the newborn : what to do ?

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Constipation in the newborn: what to do?

delay stool of a newborn is quite a common problem.The digestive system of this age is only beginning to emerge.Do not treat this lightly.What

consider constipation in infants

healthy child in the first month of life when breastfeeding can go to the toilet every time during feeding.In the months it takes place up to 4 times a day, and to this number is reduced by 1-2 times.When feeding mixtures stomach will be emptied more often.Details in the article How many times has a chair in the newborn.

Constipation in newborns happen often enough, but usually when they go through natural nutrition properly.If your child does not go to the toilet a second day - that's a reason to be especially careful.If the child is anxious, trouble sleeping, she refuses to eat, or crying when trying to empty the bowel, blushes, straining and tightens the legs - all these are true signs of constipation.

Toddlers always liquid mushy stool, if the child was a solid chair or he was crying during defecation - this also speaks of constipation.In this article you can learn how to do an enema newborn.

If you have constipation, and / or pain in the abdomen of the newborn, you should pay attention to the fact that the stomach of the child should be soft if it is hard and the child periodically arches her back - is constipation.In this case, you should consult with your doctor.

Causes of constipation Constipation

the child may have, as well as an adult, organic or functional.To be able to determine the cause of constipation, you should first determine constipation it relates to which type.Just setting it is possible to understand what you need to take action for recovery and to prevent re-occurrence of constipation.Alone it can be very difficult to do, and if in doubt best to consult a doctor.

organic constipation

organic constipation occurs as a complication of congenital diseases of the body of the child, and hence its treatment should proceed in parallel with treatment of the underlying disease.It may be the wrong intestinal development or genetic characteristics or deviations.To find out it is often possible only after a comprehensive examination and genetic examination.It is therefore important to clarify this issue immediately.It is important to intervene in this case was a timely and expeditious.

Functional constipation

Functional constipation occurs on the background of violations of the normal activity of the intestines and often appear when changing the power of a child or a nursing mother.Such constipation, especially in the early stages, you can pay a return to the usual diet.Food, drink a nursing mother, it is also the food consumed a child, you need to remember this.Especially if the mother takes the medication.Constipation may also be the cause of inadequate fluid intake, including milk.

Dining mother and child constipation

As found in the previous section - the power feeding mother can directly affect the health of the child.

Let's look particularly adverse maternal diet meals.

from the diet should be if not eliminate, the minimize all reinforcement, toning meals and drinks.Such as:

  • meat, flour, nuts, rice and bananas.
  • Coffee, tea, cocoa and milk, especially fat.

should be especially careful when taking medications.Here is a list of essential drugs, provoking constipation, having enveloping and antispasmodic action:

  • No-spa, papaverine, Maalox and Aluminium phosphate gel.
  • Just need to eliminate grass and preparations which have a diuretic effect.

Constipation can be caused by a violation of intestinal microflora due to the use of antibiotics mother in the last months of pregnancy.Or, at the beginning of the early feeding mixture.

cause of constipation may be a lack of communication, and with his mother.In this case, the cause of psychological and constipation caused by stress.

How to determine the cause of constipation

determines the cause of constipation is better to trust the doctor.But parents need to know the main features of some of the manifestations.

Constipation can be caused by spasm.In this case, the child will be called - sheep feces.It is usually dense and combined with flatulence.This is called spastic constipation.

happens that the first portion of the stool - and solid like a cork coming out with pain, and after it comes out mushy stool.The reason for this - decreased intestinal tone.This is called atonic constipation.

treatment and first aid for constipation

What to do when a newborn constipation?

  • If you found the child in the early stages of constipation, you should first pay attention to changes in diet.When feeding mixtures doctors may recommend to go to a special meal for constipation.
  • You can try to put the child on the back of his hand and gently massage the belly circular movements in a clockwise direction.Just at this time good as often as possible to take the child in his arms.
  • When the diagnosis of spastic constipation, in addition to massage, we can recommend to attach to the tummy warm, warmed iron folded sheets.
  • In the case of diagnosis of atopic constipation, after the massage place your baby on his tummy.
  • Constipation can have a very strong influence on the health and development of the child.In rare bowel movement in the body accumulates toxins and may have a fever.In this case, call your doctor immediately.
  • should try to avoid giving infants a laxative.This can be done only on prescription.For infants usually recommend a special laxative on the basis of lactulose.Also, sometimes you can use glycerin suppositories.But in any case, the use of these drugs should not be systematic, unless otherwise stated by the attending physician.
  • carefully monitor the child.Do not self-medicate.If problems do not disappear in the fastest time and the baby shows signs of discomfort - contact your doctor.

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