How to do an enema newborn ?

How to do an enema newborn ?

In the first months of their lives babies often suffer from constipation.It is not always possible to normalize the chair crumbs with special medicines.As a result, we have to do an enema.But it is important to carry out this procedure properly to get the desired effect and do not harm the baby's health.

What will it take for an enema?

Before you do an enema newborn, prepare everything necessary for such a procedure.Firstly, pear required (syringe) with a tip.Buy the smallest size - less than 50 ml.Be sure to boil it before use.

Second, prepare vodichku enema.Its temperature should be the same as the baby's body.The cold liquid is strictly forbidden to use enema.It can cause inflammation of the anus at the crumbs.In vodichku can add a little salt (1 h. Spoon) or 20 ml of chamomile decoction.Third, prepare baby cream.It certainly should be marked "from the first days of life."If there is none at hand, take a small amount of vegetable oil, heat it, and then cool.

How do enema newborn?

now dwell in detail on how to do an enema infants.Please calm the child.It must be in a relaxed state.Then wash your hands thoroughly and spread a diaper.Near it, place all the items that will be required for this procedure.

Put the crumbs in the diaper, it is necessary that he accepted the position on the left side.Podozhmite his feet carefully and lubricate the anus oil or cream.Take the syringe, expel air from it and enter the solution.The tip of the syringe is also treated with an oil or cream.

Slide the left hand of the child buttocks and enter the bulb.Its end must enter 2-3 cm into the anus.The liquid should come slowly.When she is finished, remove the bulb and squeeze the buttocks of the baby for 5 minutes.Make this is needed in order to introduced the solution emerged.After that it will wait for the reaction to give the body to do an enema.