How to massage your newborn ?

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How to massage your newborn?

This article is written for parents who want to see their kids healthy and happy.In it you will learn how to massage the newborn, and why it needs a massage.Since then, and let's begin.

What newborns need a massage

Certainly, many of you have heard about the phenomenon of muscular hypertonicity.This state of the muscles means that they work with the increased load, and almost all the time are in a state of stress.Serious is tested and the nervous system.So gipertonus typical for 90% of infants.The fact is that the brain, the peripheral nerves and the baby are still in development state and can not yet fully operational.If, moreover, your child is exposed to any negative impact in the mental plane, and you do not take any measures for the rehabilitation, the problems are likely to escape.Uncontrolled hypertonicity may result in poor child's limbs, loss of coordination, delays in the development of language skills.And one of the most effective ways to deal with muscle hypertonicity in the newborn is a massage.Properly conducted massage for infants at home will be able to remove the muscle, as well as with the entire nervous system too much power, allowing the child to develop properly.That's such techniques we will conduct further conversation.

Massage for infants at home

First of all, keep in mind the following fact, proved repeatedly on the experience of different families: massage baby must like it.If the completion of the procedures your baby starts to cry or he begins hysterics, such massage should immediately cease, as it will even be counterproductive.Therefore, we must learn to massage themselves: baby are far more likely to trust mom and dad than others' aunts and uncles, even a very good doctor.Can you learn to do this massage for infants at home on their own - without the medical education?Yes, it's real.Just one note: before performing these or other procedures it is necessary to consult a good pediatrician.And again, be sure to visit the baby massage courses where you detail tell and show you what exercises you can do, and what to do, you should not.As for the sensations that a child receives during the massage, then nothing can compare with the warmth and tenderness of her mother's caring hands.And any qualified pediatrician will tell you in this regard that the best effect of the massage is achieved when it is Teach this technique mother.Now let's talk about specific techniques of baby massage, breaking them down into thematic central administrations.


Almost every massage begins with the hands.Is no exception and massage newborn.Put your crumbs on his back, grab the handle with one hand and with the other hand, start gently and slowly stroke her, moving his hand from the shoulder to the wrist handle baby.This cycle must be repeated 5 to 7 times, and then do the same with another small handle.Now we turn over the baby on his tummy and take turns massaging little hands in the same way and from the outside.I stress once again: the arms should be given a lot of attention, because it is a massage children's hands often is the key to the lifting of the newborn muscle hypertonus.


Turn the child on his back and begin massaging the legs in the same manner as you apply to the handles.We need to take turns, both legs and stroking the baby from the hip to the foot, while flexing the ankle joints and knees.Then turn your tummy crumbs and do all the same with the other hand.Pay attention to the foot, which should be massaged gently pressing down on them and leading them with your fingers.


Once you have paid attention to the course, you can move on to the abdomen and back.Place your baby on his back and starts stroking his stomach in a circular motion in a clockwise direction around the navel, and then begin to gently rub the child's hips.Benefits of abdominal massage is that it not only relieves tension in the area and soothing the baby, but also very effective in promoting proper digestion of the baby.By the way, to the umbilical cord overgrown quickly, you can use this technique: Cause around the navel bent fingers several times.


back massage is very important, especially for the formation of the child's correct posture and strengthen the spine.Therefore, turn the baby in the belly and start the procedure.Massage the back of the newborn should be carried out as follows: first, stroking the back of her hands, then you can do the friction and kneading motion (just be careful!) And even a little pat on the back of the baby.Remember, too, that all movements should be light and without any clicks.

What must be remembered for massage

Before doing massage for infants at home, you need to remember the following important rules.

  • sure Shear fingernails and remove all jewelry from hands, so that they do not damage the delicate skin of your baby.Needless to say, but nevertheless: the hands should also be clean and dry, to avoid putting the child at risk of infection, and that the procedure was as pleasant as possible for your baby.
  • All movements must be gentle, soft and in any case is not strong and not sharp - newborn bodies are too weak and careless movement can cause injury to the child.At the same time do not go to the other extreme - to tickle the baby, too, do not need, and you just need to gently stroke, gently massaging.
  • immediately before the massage is useful to ventilate the room, and the room temperature should be 23-25 ​​degrees, so that the child was comfortable.
  • During the massage, gently and quietly talk with the child, the parent speech sounds soothe babies and cause a lot more confidence in the procedure.

Following these simple rules will allow you to bring the maximum benefit to the kid.If you still do not know where to start and how to start a massage, watch the video massage for babies, in which everything is explained in detail, not only, but also displayed.And, as we have already mentioned, the perfect solution would be to go to the baby massage courses, which is having a good feedback specialist pediatrician.