How to keep a newborn ?

How to keep a newborn ?

That happened important event in your life!In your hands a tiny fragile favorite kid.It is so small that it is very important to know how to hold a newborn, so as not to hurt his tender calf.neonatal period lasts only one month after his first birthday, so be at this time especially careful and attentive.

Holding the newborn

Here are the main rules:

  • all times hold the neck of her child, as his muscles are too weak, he is the head will not be able to keep.
  • Keep the baby in such a way so as not hanging arms and legs.
  • If you hold it vertically, you keep back.
  • not raise his hands, the newborn joints are very weak.For three months you will be able to twist and twirl toddler, like an acrobat, because children at this age are very flexible.
  • Change the left and right hand when wearing baby.
  • always smiling baby and talk to him as to raise the handles.
  • raise the baby gently and slowly.Do not make any sudden movements.
  • Take crumbs are always only two hands.

Holding the newborn - poses

  • on weight.If your child is not yet three months, then this is the ideal position for him.Keep the back of the head with one hand and neck, and the other - the buttocks.Let's face will be drawn to you, and the body slightly bent.So baby can communicate emotionally with her mother and the rest of the relatives.For he did not start to develop one-sided, change the hand that supports the head.
  • at hand.With three months to six months is better to keep the baby in such a position that, in other matters, and is suitable for children.The child must rely on your shoulder his neck.Keep the hand foot and hand - forearm.The second hand will be for the buttocks.Feet he should be bent.Again, do not forget to change the hand.
  • before feeding.Now, how to hold the baby, starting with the six-month age.Baby back rests on your chest, bend your legs and spread.Keep his shin thumbs buttocks - little fingers, and feet - the average, index and ring.The usefulness of this position is that you give your child the opportunity to play with their feet, to explore your body, improve the movement and get at least some impression of the space.
  • Before stomach.Take the baby with one hand on his chest, and the other - between the legs.Tummy maintain and, as always, change hands.This position is ideal for those who need to know how to keep the child from seven months when he learns to crawl on their bellies.
  • on the side.If your baby is already ten months, and he is able to sit well, then this position is for you.Take the baby so that he was able to embrace you for your side legs and leaned back to you in the forearm.Brush keep his knee so that it slightly bent.One pen lay on his chest, and another leave free.Change the direction of your baby.
  • universal method.This option is suitable for children of any age.The palm of his right hand, keep the child at the breast.Good push back against his chest.Grasp his thigh with his left hand and bend your legs.If your chubby little boy not yet six months, do not let all the weight comes to your hand, because it is bad for the spine and posture in the future.

Holding the newborn column

It is very important to keep the newborn column after each feeding.This will help to relieve it of air masses, which he swallowed sucking the breast or nipple and therefore save a child from such undesirable colic and constipation.Put head under one arm, the other kid keep his waist and gently Lift up it.Put the crumbs head on his shoulder.Calmly and confidently push it towards your body.Do not hold your baby straight up, let him be a little slanted, otherwise it will get a big load spine.To this end, reject your body quite a bit back to the whole mass of the child coming at you.

knowledge of these simple rules will help you to take your baby hands and does not hurt him.Yet, the most important helpers - it's your love, care and affection.Your heart will tell you everything you need.Love your children and enjoy every moment spent with them, you do not have time to notice how fast they grow.