How to bathe a newborn ?

How to bathe a newborn ?

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How to bathe a newborn?

For parents, the child's first swimming event is also exciting as the first "mama" or of his first step.He is so small!And as he does?God forbid that it will be cold or hot.And if you slip?What if he was going to cry?This is not all the questions that parents ask themselves before the first dip baby.We will try to help you and tell you how to bathe a newborn.


The first thing you need - a bath.Will you bathe the child in the adult bath or buy nursery, special - it's, of course, you.But we advise you, nevertheless, have a small bath for baby.

  • first.Sometimes there are shortages of hot water.In this case, it is much easier to boil a kettle of water than a few buckets.
  • second.Many kids are prone to allergic reactions of the skin, they may have erythema, diathesis, etc.In this case, they must bathe in the medicinal herbs, it is also easier to do in a small bath.

bathing temperature

Children advise bathing in bottled or boiled water.Again, think for yourself.It all depends on what your water flows from the faucet.If there is a risk of any infection, that is, falling into the water sticks still better to be safe.If boiling is carried out to the water softener, it is better to do it with sea salt, herbs foam for swimming.

Let's talk, what water is better to bathe the newborn.The water temperature during the first bath should be 36.6 degrees.It is better to buy a thermometer for water.But if he is not at hand, it is possible to determine the temperature of the old, still grandmother manner.The water should be lower arm, if you will not be cold nor hot, so the water temperature is correct.

But in the future the child himself will tell you what the temperature is more suitable to him.Every kid is their own.How can it hot or cold?If the child is going to be cold, it will shrink into a ball, he turns blue nasolabial triangle, and after some time it will start to shake and cry.If, conversely, the kid's hot, it becomes sluggish, his skin turns red and he was crying again.

Means for bathing

very important to know how to bathe a newborn, what means to pick up for this.In no case can not use antibacterial agents.They are able to break the natural microflora of the skin, and it is able to trigger the development of serious diseases.You can not bathe the child and solid soap, it is also able to have a negative effect on the baby's sensitive skin.

Use the best modern soft and gentle means for bathing.Their formula is specially designed and corresponds to the child's skin pH.These funds are not only not harm the baby's skin, but also to help her cope with the aggressive influence of the environment.Foams and creams, soft gels do not contain soap effectively removed from the baby's skin and water-soluble contaminants that will keep the hydrolipid mantle.This will protect against dryness and irritation.And ensure the preservation of the protective functions of children's skin.

Useful additives

Good for baby bath with sea salt.Sol should be diluted in a separate container, dissolve, strain through several layers of cheesecloth and pour into a bath before bathing.Such a solution, resembling a baby the days spent in the mother's abdomen, it is very useful for the organism.After bathing the baby's body should be rinsed with clean water.

Good for bathing and a variety of herbal teas.Restless child is well suited coniferous solution.If the baby skin problems - or elecampane infusion of succession.But the infusion of chamomile is better not to use it, it dries the skin.

In order to pick up the grass, it is suitable for your baby, it is better to consult a doctor.

time for swimming

We used to bathe the baby at night.But this is optional.Some children swimming perevozbuzhdayusche acts.After this procedure, they can not sleep.This kid can swim in the morning.

Some children love to bathe before eating, while others after.Some fall asleep immediately, while others still have a couple of hours to walk.Breaking the child and adjusted to generally accepted standards is not necessary.The best of it nobody will.Each person has their own physiology.

Mom's mood

For good and pleasant bathing the baby is very important to my mother's mood.It is said that the water in older age are afraid of exactly those children whose mothers were very afraid to bathe them.They therefore lodged in the child fear and anxiety before the water.After all, the emotional state of mother and child - it's almost the same thing.

If mom can not overcome their fear when bathing the child, it is best to let it do dad or grandma.You can ask for help at first health visitor.If no one to help, start talking with your child, share your fears with him.Get out of this conversation, and you will feel better.Bathing baby, good to say all sorts of nursery rhymes that are usually said during water treatment.

Duration bathing

Initially bathe your baby for 3-5 minutes, and then how to bathe a newborn, he will tell you himself.If it is possible to enjoy yourself bathing process and it will not only hygienic procedure, then bathe the child can be up to 15 minutes.Asked how often to bathe a newborn, pediatricians recommend 1-2 times a week to do it with detergents, the remaining 5-6 days just swimming is held in boiled water.

We told them how to bathe a newborn.Video of this process will help you understand how to properly baby should be at the same time keeping.