How to bathe a baby for the first time ?

How to bathe a baby for the first time ?

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How to bathe the baby for the first time?

Many young parents have no experience in how to care for the baby, so when it comes to swimming, Mom and Dad often make mistakes.You also do not know how to bathe the baby for the first time, so as not to damage the delicate skin?Then these simple tips for you.

preparations for bathing

So came the same day that the baby has to buy the first time.should prepare a bit before water treatments, the whole process was successful.The first thing you need - a special bath in which you bathe a baby.It is convenient because it can be put on the table, and easy access to every part of the baby's body.Fill it with water by about 15 cm.Remember that the temperature should be at least 37-38 ° C.

Experts do not recommend the use of chlorinated water from the tap, so the best option will display the normal drinking water.You can add the water a little bit of grass collection, as part of which can be calendula, chamomile and so on. D. It is thought that these herbs are beneficial to the baby's skin.

You will also need a clean towel, soft gloves for hands, objects for baby changing mat, baby cosmetics (washing facilities) and a jug with warm water.

first bathing baby

Undress the child (preferably on the changing table or in bed, but not in the bathroom!) And bring in the diaper to the bathroom.Carefully place the baby in the water.It is desirable that you had help, but if you do it alone, it does not matter.Immerse the crumbs into the water so that the head, neck and shoulders remain on the surface.Be sure to support the head and the back of his hand crumbs.

As soon as the baby was in the water, gently wash the whole body of the child.It is best to use a cleanser that is designed for the baby, as well as gloves, so as not to damage the delicate skin of the child.Do not forget that you must first wash your child's hair from the forehead to the back of the head, then wash behind the ears, neck, axilla, palms, the whole body, including the groin, buttocks and legs.Then gently wash his back.Be careful not to get water crumbs in his ears and mouth.

first bathing should not be long: child enough only 7-8 minutes.Immediately after the rinse water treatment of the child from the pitcher (water temperature should be 2-3 degrees lower than that in the bath).

finished bathing, gently wipe the water from the skin baby using a clean towel.Wrap the crumbs and take the room.Since navel is still in need of treatment, wash it with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, and then lubricate the wound Zelenko.Once everything has dried, you can smear a cream or baby powder and wear.

Over time you can increase the number of minutes that a child will spend in the water.It is also desirable to bathe crumbs in one and the same time to have the baby has formed a unique mode.

When to bathe crumbs for the first time?

Experts believe that the first water treatment child should receive two weeks after birth.The fact is that the crumbs of the navel has not healed, and it means that you can enter through a wound infection.Meanwhile, it does not mean that the child is not in need of purification.In the first two weeks of life, the baby must be wiped with a damp towel or napkins.It is particularly important to monitor the cleanliness of genitals and folds on the body.

information on when you can bathe your baby, you will learn in the article when bathing a newborn.

How often should I bathe the baby?

Usually crumb wash, depending on the year, time and temperature.Since the winter there is a possibility of penetration into the apartment draft, and the kid can catch a cold, it is best to do this procedure 2-4 times a week.In summer it is desirable to bathe crumbs every day to his body remained pure.It is believed that through the skin of the infant may be isolated fat, which fills the pores.If you do not wash it in a timely manner, the skin can disrupt the balance.It is therefore necessary to carry out water-baby treatments as often as possible.

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So you learned how to bathe the baby for the first time.To help you, as another article from our site on similar topics - How to bathe a newborn.