How to change a diaper ?

How to change a diaper ?

Presently living for young mums greatly facilitate new technologies.Among the innovations includes a diaper.There are many different manufacturers of firms that are engaged in production and sales of diapers.Thus, each woman can choose the company, whose products are right for her child.Let's look at in this article, how to change a diaper.

Many moms, of course, have heard advice that a diaper should be changed after each feeding.Yes, here the problem is that there are children who are fed on demand, and the need may occur every thirty minutes.My mother just did not have enough strength nor the material resources to ensure the cleanliness and dryness.

How to change diapers

First, we should clarify that all babies are different and celebrate their needs are also different.There are many factors that affect the emergency diaper change:

  • volume consumed, kid, liquid,
  • stool frequency,
  • room temperature,
  • skin condition.

considering the question of how to change diapers, be sure to clarify that there are a few rules that should replace immediately.

  • The first and most basic rule is that the diaper needs to be changed after the baby is coming in great need.Otherwise, it is possible to make the skin irritation as feces upon contact with urine are formed substances which can cause irritation.Such contact is better prevented.
  • replacement diapers should be implemented according to the situation.For example, after a walk, going to the clinic, after a night of sleep, and so on. D.
  • If during state testing diapers you find that the baby's skin is wet, it is necessary to urgently change the diaper.

should know that before changing a diaper it is necessary to make sure that on your changing table is, oilcloth, the laid flannel diaper.

  1. child laid on the table and fix the Velcro so that the diaper is not squeezed the body of the baby.
  2. After the diaper is removed successfully, you can fold it neatly and throw it in the trash.
  3. After the performed manipulations should be put in order the baby.You can wash the baby with warm water from the tap.When podmyvanii girls should use washing technique from the tummy to the pope, and if a boy, special attention should be paid to the state of the primary sex characteristics and the area between the legs, where children usually have skin folds.
  4. You can also get water in a bowl and bring the child in order with the help of soap and gauze wipes.Some moms are using for this purpose special wipes.
  5. If your pipsqueak just pee and the skin is clean and dry, then carry out the washing is not necessary, you can just replace a new diaper.
  6. If after changing a diaper little time has passed, and you notice that it leaks, then it is likely that he is your child is small.You can also consider the option that when changing diapers mom did not attach particular importance to the situation of the penis.It should be laid in such a way that the direction was to the legs, then the stream will get to a place where there is a sorbent.
  7. If mom faced with the fact that the diaper flows on each side, all just here.It should be more carefully straighten the crease in the gums when dressing.

Now you know how to change a diaper.Remember that the skin under the diaper should be dry.To do this, use after washing powder or cream under the diaper.