How to wash your child?

How to wash your child?

The birth of the kid - a joy for my mother, who is accompanied by a lot of trouble and unrest.There is nothing strange in this, because the newborn is so small and helpless that many moms swaddle him and even on hand to take the fear.But the problem of how to wash the baby, in general, many of the parents leads to a dead end.Well, let's understand in everything in order.

Everything you need for swimming

for bathing procedures is necessary in advance to prepare the bath, the solid support under the bath, a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water jug ​​for rinsing baby and all the necessary bathing detergents.

So, how to wash the child, so as not to frighten him, and deliver this procedure only joyful emotions?Himself babies bathing procedure, basically, like.Not in vain did they first 9 months of "floating" in the womb of the mother.But, while bathing in the bath it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the water, otherwise the baby might scare and then is unlikely to experience the pleasure of bathing.The most optimal water temperature should be between 36 and 37 degrees above zero.And if the baby's parents focused on its hardening, it is possible to lower the temperature to 35.In the tub for bathing can be, so to speak, "in the old" Add a weak solution of potassium permanganate or infusion brewed series or daisy.It is necessary to disinfect vodichku as umbilical wound at the baby has not yet healed, and the skin remains healthy and not irritated.

How often you need to wash your baby?

Many moms are at a loss - how often to wash the baby?newborn summer bathe 2-3 times a day, but in the cold season is enough and once a week.Baby bathing procedure itself may take 8-10 minutes.

Newborn boy and girl bathe exactly the same.The differences may be only a thorough washing of the genitals - a girl they do not wash thoroughly and more superficial, but boy, it is desirable to carefully rinse with water all the folds in intimate places.

While bathing drop the baby in the tub should be gradually, holding the palm down.By the way, under the head sometimes put a folded several times a diaper for secure and soft.My head baby special baby shampoo, starting movement from the forehead to the nape.This should be done calmly and carefully, so as not to damage the soft spot and not get detergent in the eyes of the newborn.Wash newborn best palm, soapy baby soap.Be particularly careful to clean folds on the body, because it is in the infant accumulated dirt and dust.After the main bathing the baby should be gently rinsed with clean warm water and then to wrap a soft towel.

Joint bathing baby

course, how many times to wash the baby, she decides to mommy.But it is worth remembering that during this anxious procedures must necessarily exclude a draft in the room where the baby wash.And it is best to wash the child's mother is not the same, and in the company of Pope or grandmother.This assistance and psychological support for the inexperienced mother.After bathing kids usually feel calm and relaxed, they eat well and sleep soundly.

about how to properly wash your child's books written in the mass, but the best way to learn about it from their grandparents or those mothers who already have small children.After all, in practice, newborn bathing learn much faster, and you will do exactly all the details of this important procedure.