How to handle a newborn ?

How to handle a newborn ?

to a newborn baby feel good, you need to properly care for them.The basic rules of care should be aware of all the young moms, because it affects the appetite and mood of your baby.Treatment of newborn skin, is a mandatory daily procedure.It is performed several times a day, usually after each toilet, morning or evening bath, and after replacing the diaper.In this article, let us consider in detail how to properly handle the newborn immediately after returning from the hospital.

morning toilet

This is a mandatory procedure which is recommended every day, after your baby wakes up.Before treating a newborn, you need to prepare in advance everything you need for a procedure to subsequently do not leave a baby unattended.It is necessary to undress the baby and fully explore it.Daily inspection helps to timely detect any external changes in the child and in time to tell your pediatrician.

  • Eyes - start the morning toilet is necessary to wipe the eyes and face wet swab dipped in boiled water.Eyes were washed with each separately by two sterile swabs from the outer edge towards the is recommended to use a different swab to wipe the face.
  • folds - further special lotions or baby wipes treated cervical, axillary and inguinal folds.If these tools at hand is not present, then the procedure can be performed in the usual cotton swab and boiled water.
  • Spout - should be cleaned in advance prepared cotton flagella made of sterile cotton wool.They applied vaseline oil, then gently rotated about the axis in the nasal passages.
  • Ears - should also be cleaned with a cotton flagella, but dry.Do not use solid sticks and cotton wool, wound on a match, since they can damage the delicate mucous membrane of your child.
  • mouth - oral health is usually not treated, it is quite simple to inspect.To do this, fingers gently press the chin and gently pull it down.Clean, pink and moist mucous says on there that the baby is healthy.Whitish coating - indicates the presence of yeast, and the need to consult a doctor.
  • Conducting morning toilet, remember that your baby is very delicate and sensitive skin and that is why any hygienic measures should be carried out very gently and carefully, to avoid any damage.

Processing genitals

  • From the very first days in particular, need careful hygiene genitals baby.In this section, we discuss how to handle the sexual organs of the newborn.Prior years old genitals should be washed after each diaper change.The procedure is carried out with boiled water, not below 37? C.
  • main purpose of treatment is to remove the reproductive organs to the skin of the child feces and urine.As a supplement is also recommended to wipe genitals wet sanitary napkin.Before using the wipers, you must ensure that there are no allergic reactions in your baby to chemicals that are included in their composition.
  • process of washing is recommended lightly from front to back.There are slight differences in the care of the boys and how to handle a baby girl.For girls, this recommendation is particularly important, because it is the direction of movement helps to avoid getting germs in the vagina and develop a variety of infections.
  • In boys, it is important to make sure that when bathing the body not shifted the foreskin of the penis head and not being revealed.Only in a few cases the propensity to rashes and infection requires regular treatment with warm water and baby oil with a neat move aside foreskin baby.
  • After washing the baby must be wiped dry, and then cover with a towel.Wearing diaper, make sure that the skin of the perineum is completely dry.Otherwise, it creates a favorable environment can lead to inflammation and the formation of infections.
  • Dry skin can lubricate the softening Baby Care and keep the fresh air before putting on the diaper or diaper.An important rule that will ensure the comfort of the baby, is the timely replacement of diapers, namely at least 7-8 times per day.

Processing folds newborn

folds on the arms, legs and neck of the baby usually require careful maintenance.Many moms are wondering: the handle folds newborn, so that they did not appear diaper rash?

  • This procedure is usually enough to have a standard cream, if desired, which can be replaced with vegetable oil or vaseline and baby powder.Prone to drying out skin, as well as contact with the edge of the diaper should be regularly lubricated with baby cream.Damage thin layer of cream, perfectly moisturizes and mitigating the delicate baby skin.
  • Use dried powder is recommended to those parts of the body baby, who perspire heavily.Typically, this buttock skin folds, inguinal and axillary.
  • In the treatment of wrinkles is necessary to use only tested and high-quality cosmetics.This procedure should be done very carefully and gently, trying to avoid any sudden movements.
  • And to all of the above procedures have not delivered the baby anxiety, certainly during them talk with your child and smile at him.Just because your actions will bring mutual joy to you and your child.

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