How to dress the newborn ?

How to dress the newborn ?

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How to dress the newborn?

The family have a baby.This is not only a great joy, but also a huge responsibility.Every parent needs to understand that for a long time, the child will have to help to master all the complexities of the world.After all, it is not enough that he can himself.Child need to feed, clothe, bathe, walk, talk to him, give him warmth and care.Any mother knows to make each of these items correctly, you need to read a lot, to consult, to try ... Our article is designed to help parents understand the issue about how to dress the newborn.

Newborns tend to believe the baby from the moment of his birth to 28 days of life.It is important to know that the body temperature in the first 2-3 weeks unstable.It largely depends on the ambient temperature.Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to dress the baby to uncomfortable sensations associated with overheating or cold, do not distract him from the knowledge of peace and development.

So your baby is born.And his first house - maternity.The first independent step in preparation for the baby clothes you will make at the time of discharge.We have prepared for you tips on how to put the newborn in the statement.In winter usually prepared a set of clothes:

  1. disposable diaper.
  2. diaper 2 - x / b, and flannel.
  3. vests, sliders high (with the breast).Instead, a light suit (slip) of cotton.Not recommended for conventional sliders, becausegum they can rub the baby umbilical wound.Moreover, not all babies at discharge released from the clamp on the umbilical cord.
  4. Bonnet c / b or a helmet.Warm hat (knitted or feather).
  5. 2 blankets - thin flannel and warm (if needed - duvet cover, worn at home in advance).Corner (elegant diaper decorated with lace, embroidery and so on.).Instead, a warm blanket, you can use the envelope with the area or overall.
  6. tape 3m. Better monofilament becauseSatin often slides off the blanket or envelope.

If you write in the spring or autumn, then only one layer knitwear, fleece overalls (or flannelette blankets) and an envelope on the padding polyester, the head still wearing two hats.In the summer at 23-24 0C enough cotton clothing layer (closed hands and feet), light knitted hats and blankets.

Just understand the question, how to wear a newborn at home.The most comfortable temperature for your baby in the first days of his life - + 23-24 0C at 22-23 0C and waking during sleep.The most appropriate infant material - 100% cotton!It is enough to put the baby in a lightweight suit, under it - body.Bonnet at temperatures below 22 0 C is optional.If the child is in diapers, he can move actively, and thus warm your body.During sleep, the house must be closed baby blanket or a thin blanket.Do not use wool or cotton blankets to avoid overheating your baby.Convenient for sleep sleeping bag.In the heat of the day one is enough to put on body, and at night, when temperatures drop to a comfortable, wear overalls.

more difficult question of how to dress the newborn for a walk.Consider the basic guidelines for dressing your baby in different weather conditions.

The main question - how to properly wear a newborn baby on a walk.The kid has to feel comfortable.It should not overheat, or, conversely, to freeze.Therefore, no matter how you put your child on a walk, often check its condition, for example, teperatury neck and upper back.If the skin in this area sweaty, hot, hot and the child definitely the next time it needs to dress lighter.When cold, the child will most likely froze to death.

general rule, which may be guided by parents when dressing baby for a walk in any season - putting himself as a plus one more layer of clothing.

In the cold season (from -5 0 C to -15 0 C) the child need to wear several layers of clothing: body, knit overalls, woolen sweater.Top dress outdoors overalls and put the child in an envelope (preferably made of sheepskin).At the head knitted cap (or helmet), and a warm hat.Instead, only the double layer warm hat can be worn.Do not cover your mouth and nose with a scarf baby, since these areas have a natural protection!

How to dress the newborn in the spring or autumn - a delicate matter.Here you need to look at the weather.The temperature is not lower than -5 0 C, in calm, dry weather is enough to put on a body, and demi-season knit overalls.Now you can put a child in a lighter sinteponovye envelope or cover him with a blanket.On his head is still two caps, the top - is not as warm as the winter.If it's a strong wind, snow and rain, the baby can be put almost like winter, becausein wet and windy weather, the risk of freezing is much higher than in quiet.

to put the newborn in the summer, you need to be guided by the weather again.CHAPTER - no synthetics!Due to the poor regulators even in the heat necessary to dress the baby in a thin layer jersey - unitard or the baby's undershirt with sliders for head - light cap.In windy or rainy weather on a layer of lightweight knitwear have to wear fleece overalls and close the baby tight, but not a heavy blanket (eg, Baikov).

Dress the baby according to the weather - a fairly complex skill, but eventually any parent can master it to perfection!In order to more clearly understand the issue of dressing the baby, watch the video, how to wear a newborn for a walk: