How to wear a diaper ?

How to wear a diaper ?

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How to wear diapers?

In today's world there are many inventions, which are still 30-40 years ago and never dreamed of.But these things allow greatly simplify people's lives.For example, with the advent of each apartment washing machines woman stopped to bend back, the strips in the bathroom duvet covers and sheets with microwaves invention can not spoil a thousand pots for warming up food, let alone cell phones and computers and can not speak.One of these inventions and are diapers.Yes, their purchase is not always cheap, but the advantages of their use of a huge amount.Of course, they have to wear grown child that they say, without fanaticism, not around the clock.But the baby will sleep in them at night without disturbing the mother can walk a little longer, may my mother go to the store, to the clinic, to visit, do not fear the cold because of wet panties.Species and models a lot of diapers, but their use of technology alone.Therefore, all moms need to know how to put the diaper on the baby properly.

preparatory stage

Before you begin to learn how to properly wear a diaper, it is necessary to fine-tune it.In this process, it is necessary to take into account the age and weight of the child.It is possible to measure the waist circumference.On the package of diapers always written its main characteristics, so read carefully, you can not go wrong.The child will grow, diapers need to be changed to large in size.After the diapers delivered home, start fitting.The child must be clean and dry, take care of it.The surface on which to lay the child should be warm, pleasant to the touch.If the child is going to be cold and uncomfortable, it will act up every time you change his diaper.

Put on diaper

Prepare diaper, open it.All rezinochki and Velcro should be spread.The child should be put on the back, on a warm soft horizontal surface.Take the one hand, both legs of the baby foot.Lift your baby by placing it on a diaper.Lower the child's face.Insert the front part of the diaper between the legs of the baby.Now we need to spread the baby on his tummy front portion of the diaper to avoid wrinkles and creases.If a baby is quite small and the umbilical wound has not yet healed, it is necessary to bend the portion of the diaper so that it does not touch the belly button.Now Velcro mount front rear diaper part.should not fix them strongly tight, but it is not necessary to weaken, or diaper subsides.Velcro pulled, check the reliability of the fit of the diaper.All the baby is ready for entertainment!

Pampers for boys

Many new mothers question arises, how to wear a diaper boy.It turns out that caring grandmother can tell them the topic, taking care of men's health newborn grandchildren.Doctors came to the unequivocal conclusion that modern diapers are not in any way damage the male child.You do not have to lay his genitals in a special way when equipped diapers.The main thing is to choose the right diaper size and weight of the child.If this condition is met, then nothing will press and sopreet.

Pampers for the patient

In this case, all is not so rosy.The patient, when he can not go to the toilet, should be able to do it in a diaper.Psychologically it is very difficult to make an adult.If there is no alternative, we have to explain to him that it's better than doing it on the sheet, mattress, bed.So three times a day you will change his diaper, that he cares greatly simplify family to care for him.But first, be prepared to read, how to wear a diaper bedridden patients.

Then you go to the drugstore and buy diapers on the size of the patient.Then you take out a home, open it, cracking down and start to process.First you need to turn the patient on his side.Put it next to the rear straightened diaper and turn the patient on his back so that he lay on a diaper.The front part of the diaper is passed between the legs and pull forward on his stomach.Now, the rear edge of the diaper tightens forward and fasten the Velcro.If you use reusable Velcro, then read these instructions carefully, find out how to wear an adult diaper with fastening of this kind.Reusable could not be near at hand, they can fall, get dirty when changing.A disposable anywhere can not escape.