How to swaddle a baby?

How to swaddle a baby?

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How to swaddle a baby?

Swaddling - art for the new parents, which takes roots in ancient times.Our ancestors swaddled their children so that they feel safe to babies was warmer, and what could be there, so they move less and less brought worries parents.

Today in Western countries, parents have long abandoned swaddling as from tight and free from, and is still popular to swaddle your baby in our area.Before you learn how to swaddle a baby, find out what kinds of diaper changing, there are some pros and cons have swaddling.

Types swaddling

  • tight (this way our grandmothers used, believing that such swaddling not allow curving legs of the child);
  • free.

Pros and cons to swaddle a newborn baby, find out orthopedists, psychologists and pediatricians.Here are some of these items.


  • swaddling beneficial effect on children's sleep.It reduces the number of sudden awakenings, and thus increases the phase of deep sleep;
  • swaddling helps to soothe a crying baby.For example, after examination by a doctor, the baby feels uncomfortable, and the cocoon of soft, warm diapers allows him to feel protected;
  • use diapers cheaper than buying baby clothes from which it grows for the week.


  • swaddling limits the child and creates a closed space, what can persuade the child to obey as a person;
  • swaddling according to some scientists a bad influence on the development of the hip joints, and joints of the feet;
  • muscles and ligaments with a tight swaddling can also be bad to grow and weaken.

Wrap the baby can be with or without handles, analyze every option step by step.

How to swaddle: User

swaddle baby with handles should be as follows:

  • Step 1: Wrap the baby in a diaper so that only the head remained free.
  • Step 2. The bottom edge of the diaper cover and flatten them a child.
  • Step 3. Both ends of the edge of the diaper for the baby lay the back.
  • Step 4. End tail tuck under the locking edge.

And this is necessary to swaddle baby with left loose handles.

  • Step 1: Wrap the baby diaper so that the top edge was held at the armpit and left handles free.
  • Step 2. The bottom edge of a little twist in the "fish tail"
  • Step 3. The "tails" of the child in the front cover, lay the ends of the tail of the baby back.
  • Step 4. End tail tuck under the locking edge.

Note: so how to swaddle the baby immediately after birth can not every mom, practice during pregnancy on dolls or other children under the supervision of experienced moms.

Many of her that often arises another question: how long to swaddle the baby, but how old it is not bad to be without movement?

fact that diapers help the child to adapt to a new world.In the womb he was nine months in the cozy cocoon closed, and now his hands and feet are free, it can move as he wants.Many newborns such freedom is frightening.Make sure your child's reaction: some can do without diapers already three days old, and some kids (especially those who were born with difficulties), constantly kick, to find a comfortable position, reminiscent of her mother's tummy.Such better swaddle approximately two months.

If you want to more clearly understand how to swaddle the baby, video (on the top of the article) with a master class for young mothers to help you with this.