As a substitute for a newborn ?

As a substitute for a newborn ?

Newborn babies require special care, and here we will talk about how to properly wash away the child depending on the gender.The fact is that because of the different structure of sexual organs has its own particular health of girls and boys.

How to wash away the baby girl

With all the girls a bit more complicated, so with them and begin.If the wrong girl to wash away, it can cause a minimum of irritation of the mucous membrane, as well as a variety of inflammatory processes of genitals.Newborn girl need to regularly wash away - every time the swaddling, diaper changing and bathing.In the first month of life the girl support maternal hormones, maintaining its acidic environment in the vagina.But then the hormones cease to operate, and that bacteria did not penetrate inside, you need to constantly monitor the compliance with purity.

So, for cleaning the girls we need water, baby oil, wet wipes, cotton swabs and a dry towel.To start wash your hands, then undress the child, remove the diaper.Wet wipes clean bowel movements (you need to move from top to bottom or front to back) and then podmoyte baby.In no case do not point the jet on the skin, as this can cause penetration of faeces into the vagina girls.Soaking cotton balls with water, gently wipe the folds between the legs exactly the same movements - from front to back.After that, do not wipe the baby and gently pat the skin.

During caving try not to rub the skin.Especially it is forbidden to do in the genital slit to avoid irritation of mucous sexual sponges.In the case of regular fusion stimuli may labia, which in itself is not dangerous, but in the future might bring some disadvantages child.Soap does not use more than once a week to ensure that does not dry the skin, so the rest of the time cleaning the need to carry water only.After cleaning the grease recommended labia girls baby oil or cream.Now you know how to undercut the newborn and, I think, can easily cope with it.

As undermine newborn boy

Here, as in the case of girls, has its own peculiarities.Boys tempted every time after defecation or after he wet diaper for the second time.First, as always, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands.After that, take the child and bring to the tap.Tap water should be warm (not in any case not cold and not hot), it is desirable - in body temperature.Wash the buttocks, genitals, thigh, and groin and mezhyagodichnoy skadki your toddler.

Now you need to check your child's penis, which gently pull the skin on the head and, if there is accumulated oily liquid, remove it with sterile cotton wool, previously soaked in vaseline oil.After this finger, smeared in oil, remove the head of the penis boy remains of wool and return the penis to its original position.This procedure is desirable to do on a regular basis, since excess smegma (or smagmy) can lead to various inflammatory processes in the genital organs of the child.After you have finished washing the child's penis, take it on the table and pat Changing the remaining moisture on the skin.Then, fold a cotton swab lubricate the skin cream or baby oil.

As in the case of girls, the regular hygiene of sex organs boys will help your children avoid serious problems in the future.We must remember that failure to comply with sexual hygiene often leads to serious inflammatory diseases, so bathe regularly and wash away your crumbs as long until they learn to do it yourself.You can even find a video - how to wash away the newborn to directly observe all the actions described here before you begin to wash away her baby.