How to swaddle newborns ?

How to swaddle newborns ?

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How to swaddle newborns?

newborn baby does not know anything about the adult world, the whole 9 months he spent in my mother's belly, where it was crowded and warm, and most importantly - safe.A sense of security and care - that's what he needs in the first days of his life.

Do I need to swaddle a newborn?Swaddling a newborn just provides a sense of security and child care.To date, there are several ways to swaddling a newborn.

Traditional swaddling

Our mothers and grandmothers used nappies, vests and caps.Swaddling a newborn in flannel or calico diapers is the traditional way.Usually the child tightly wrapped up with handles, stretched along the body, so that he was not afraid of the movement of his hands, because he is not yet aware of and does not control his movements.In addition, the baby, wrapped in a diaper, easy to take, rock and feed.

Baby Clothing

Opponents tight swaddling sure that it binds and inhibits its Child physiological development.Parents prefer to wear a newborn baby in overalls made of soft fabrics that are then loosened across the length and between the legs.For the youngest in the overalls provided the so-called "Scratchy" that the baby could move the handles and do not scratch himself.

Dress and change diapers in such things is very convenient, is not fully undress the child is required, just unbutton trousers jumpsuit.And the choice of clothing for newborns is huge compared to the time of our grandmothers and mothers, except when raspashonok diaper and there was nothing else, and sometimes the diapers had to sew their own.

Soft diapers

With the advent of knitted diapers diaper changing the whole process has become much easier.

Firstly, soft diaper tenderly and gently hugs the body of a baby, does not hinder the movement, but also provides the status of the newborn, which is close to the situation in my mother's tummy.

Secondly, young mothers can be difficult once the baby swaddle correctly, and with a soft knitted diaper make it much easier, because the material is stretched, which makes it easy and quick to wrap up the baby.

Third, there are many options of soft diapers, which are specially designed for newborns, so that new parents can choose the option that suits them.

Diaper - Diaper

envelope, envelopes or special Velcro fasteners greatly simplify the swaddling a newborn and save time.This becomes especially important when you want to quickly calm the baby and take the handle, or lull a newborn at bedtime.

Wide swaddling

New theories and books on newborn care and contribute to the emergence of new views on physiological swaddling the baby, which contributes to the correct position the legs during sleep.

Wide swaddling should not be confused with the free, where, during the wrapping of the child there is a place inside the diaper to move arms and legs.The method of wide swaddling is to ensure that the special pillow or diaper baby is laid between the legs thereby providing a physiologically correct position of the feet.

With this method of swaddling the legs slightly bent at the knees and divorced at 60-80 degrees, which corresponds to the natural pose naked child when he is sleeping or just lying on his back.Pens baby at the same time remain free.

How to swaddle a baby?Child can swaddle tight, loose or wide, you can leave the pen or swaddle the baby completely.For those who swaddle the baby for the first time in his life, or want to learn the art of swaddling in advance, will be a useful view training videos or swaddling instructions with photos.

fundamental error of parents is that they only take into account the physiological needs of the newborn, while it is important to understand and psychological needs - some scares kids, when their arms and legs are free, others, on the contrary, restriction and swaddling may irritate.

Parents decide which method of swaddling choose to provide your child a comfortable stay in the still new and unknown world for him.