How to accustom to sleep in his crib ?

How to accustom to sleep in his crib ?

One of the biggest problems faced by young parents in upbringing and growth of their kids - teach your baby to sleep on their own.Sometimes you have to work hard to teach a child to sleep in a crib.Here we present the most efficient way to do this.

First of all, parents need to understand that in order to accustom the baby to sleep in a separate bed, you need to solve not only this problem, but the other two - to ensure that your baby to sleep on their own, and move it in the nursery.These problems are rarely solved together, so teach your child to independent sleep stages.So you and, above all, the baby will be calmer, and the procedure will be painless for him.

accustom the baby to her crib: action

In order to accustom the baby to sleep in a bed alone, experts recommend the following.Remove from your baby's crib side wall and slide the cot close to her.It turns out that your crumbs have their place, but on the other hand - and he with you.The first time your baby is likely to wake up frequently during the night, but eventually get used to his place and sleep soundly.Then you need to gradually remove his bed farther from the parent, and then completely move it to a separate room.

happens that the kid set categorically opposed to her new place to sleep.In this case, it is not necessary to swear and grumble.We need to convince the kid that he or she would be very good to put toys, saying, for example: "Look, how good bunny in bed!"Over time, your crumb will get used to the bed and going to sleep there.

can not leave the child in the crib while you are awake.If you do so, then the child will think that the bed is not only a place to sleep, but also for other cases.

parents also need to be prepared for the fact that the child may long to come to him at night, for example, that he was not feeling well and that he was scared, and he had a bad dream.There is nothing terrible, but gradually your crumbs should be sent back.To do this, ask your kid bring a pillow for himself and then blanket, bed sheet.In that case, if a child comes to you just like that, then he immediately falls asleep again, having reached his bed.If he will bring everything you need, do not drive it - so he really important reason to spend the night in your society.

sleep in his crib: the right age

now turn to the question of the age at which the child is accustomed to sleep on their own.Average age - 2 years, but this does not mean that it is a 2 year old baby is ready for "resettlement."Someone already in the year is independent enough for that, and with some kid will have to wait until that time.You can gradually accustom the child to his own bed, if:

  • child sleeps at night at least 5-6 hours.
  • you do not breastfeed or feed not more than once a day.
  • child spends the day you are holding no more than one third of the time.
  • The child first erupted teeth.
  • your pipsqueak is independent enough to occupy yourself 10 or more minutes at a time and is not afraid to stay alone in the room.

list of reasons why you should not hurry with the "resettlement" is greater.Let him, too.Take the time to teach a child to a separate bed, if:

  • child was the result of caesarean section, she suffered birth trauma, or was born prematurely.
  • suffering from various skin diseases (weeping eczema, diathesis).
  • The child increased intracranial pressure.
  • kid just had the disease.
  • the child just started teething.
  • child is very excitable, hardly calms down and cries often.
  • kid growing slower than their peers.
  • child suffered quite a lot of stress.
  • The child lost his regime.
  • you always miss home during the day, and the baby stays with his grandmother or nanny.
  • you teach the crumbs to some other important skills.
  • you annoyed or feel bad.

If these factors do not interfere with you, then the problem is accustom to sleep in the bed of your baby, you should arise.