How to make a diaper ?

How to make a diaper ?

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How to make a diaper?

As practice shows, the child enough from fifteen to twenty diapers, which can be reused.For the manufacture of home-made diapers need gauze or diaper.Prepare squares of 90 by 90 cm or 90 squares of 180 cm. Make sure to wash the cloth, even a new one.For kids who have recently been born or have lived for a few months, a few suitable options for folding of the diaper.

diaper in the form of a rectangle

fold gauze several times.Should get a rectangle, one end of which is long, you need to tuck.It's worth noting that the folded end of the boys will be in front, and the girls?from the backrest.The other end is not tuck, miss it between the legs of the child.That's all.This is the first advice on how to make a diaper gauze alone.

diaper scarf

How to make a diaper in such a way?Use a cotton cloth diaper or gauze 90h180 see Take, for example, a diaper and fold it in half, and then -. Diagonally.It will turn scarf.In the middle of a headscarf put crumbs.Between his legs miss the lower end of the diaper.The remaining (side) ends fling on his tummy, so that they fell on each other.Do not tie them so they do not cause discomfort to the kid.This is a simple way how to make a diaper out of diapers.You can alternate between these methods, if the child is not yet four months.

diaper for children 4-5 months

Fold the cloth diaper 90h180 see. It will turn a rectangle 90h45 cm. Now we need to build it between the legs of children.This diaper allows the child to freely roll over on his tummy.We talk also about how mount reusable diapers on crumbs.If a child is very active, then mount the diaper needs to be particularly reliable.It is not necessary to fix the product with a rubber band: it can cause irritation, or squeeze the belly.Just slip on top of the diaper body, pants or shorts with straps.

Videos how to make a diaper, you will find on the internet.Such movies a lot.Such a visual aid, of course, make it easier for the manufacture of the diaper or gauze diapers with their hands.By the way, can be used as the basis for the conventional diaper diapers from the store, only without the "innards".As you can see, there is an alternative diapers from the store.Reserving a purchased a pleasure to walk on the streets and going to the guests, as well as visits to the doctor.