How to style your newborn ?

How to style your newborn ?

If you have a family replenishment, celebrate a happy event, was born your baby, and you become a young mother, then do not be afraid of their inexperience.You learn everything, and all you can.If something does not know, then you rely on your instinct.And we'll tell you about how to properly put the newborn to sleep, and what rules it is best to stick to the child from the first days of life developed normally.Since this factor influences the general condition of the body and rapidly growing body of a child skeleton.

Healthy sleep

Get enough sleep - the guarantee of health and good mood of your baby.

  • First of all, to your crumb fell asleep quickly, it is necessary to ventilate the room and measure the temperature in the room.It should not exceed 22 degrees.
  • If you are a nursing mother, you try not to be nervous and to remain calm, as your arousal and stress hormones, through the milk, of course, fall to the child.
  • Try not to engage in conflict situations.Children are very sensitive.The kid can wake up from the angry whisper.
  • Build, baby, sleep, optimal conditions.Put out the light on the correct bed linen, bathe crumbs in a bath with the addition of soothing herbs, put in a clean and warm clothing.

postures for sleep

to sleep was strong and continuing need in the first place to know how to put the newborn.

  • After the baby is very small, he needs help.He does not know how to roll from side to side.
  • If you put the child on the right drums, then after some time, turn to the left, so that he not lie.But do not wake him.Try to do everything quietly.
  • afternoon, after each feeding should be as well to change the posture.
  • about six months, you can put your baby to sleep on the back.
  • If you swaddle a crumb, and fear, as if he had not turned on his stomach, face in the mattress, put your baby on his side, and both sides enclose rolls or folded diaper.
  • Many babies sleep well on the stomach.Just need to make sure that the head was turned to the side.In this position, do not worry that the baby may vomit and choke.The position of the head should be, periodically, to change.Those kids who are regularly laid out on his stomach, much less suffer abdominal pain.After all, during sleep the child moves and how to massage the tummy.As a result, the gases quickly depart.
  • to avoid any danger of suffocation during sleep, clean beds with pillow and soft mattress.

important to know

  • should be borne in mind that babies aged up to three months, are not free, if there is a contraction of the nostrils.The same danger and pose a brown mucus in the nasal passages.Before going to bed, inspect the nozzle, if necessary, clean it with slime.
  • Whichever cozy and beautiful was not a cot, but the best baby will sleep in the stroller, in the fresh air.If you live in an apartment building, and your apartment has a balcony, it's just fine.You can batten down the slot, remove all unnecessary, to wash and to put the stroller.Thus, your crumb breathe fresh air, and you save yourself from emotions that baby, someone from passers-by can chhnut or cough.

Now you know how to lay the newborn.After all, a strong, healthy and long-lasting sleep depends not only on the climate in baby's room, kid's clothes, if silence is observed if dark enough, and also on posture for sleep.A child in the first place should be easy.Look carefully at the child, if he is calm, it's all right, well, in the event of trouble or your child pulls the legs, wagging his head, then something is wrong.Or chips is not very convenient, or has something hurts.If you have poor sleep, mom can consult a doctor-pediatrician.