How to make cartoons ?

How to make cartoons ?

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How to make cartoons?

accepted that cartoon - fun for children.However, the beautiful animated stories like not only kids, but also adults.Today, animation has ceased to be simply fun.It is an art and a complex technical process.Do you want to learn how to make cartoons?Let's look to where the pictures come to life inanimate, and learn to speak plasticine characters - in the studio animators.

How it all began

Few people know that the cartoon appeared even earlier film.The founding father of the cartoons is considered Emile Reynaud.He was in 1877 presented to the public the first moving belt, on which the successive draw pictures.However, and before him there were attempts to revive the image.Already in the XV century, a book that, when fast browsing, creating the illusion of the characters movements were common in Europe.Actually on this and built himself animation principle.

create a simple cartoon unable to either of us.Take notes, draw on each page of his of the same character in different poses that mimic the sequence of movements, then quickly turn the pages.Our eye perceives it as a single video.

the way, was originally a cartoon adult entertainment.Making children's cartoons have started only in the XX century.

What are cartoons


most popular form of animation to this day - painted.Changing only the technical devices.If earlier cartoons were drawn by hand, but now it is done on a computer.The principle of how to make hand-drawn cartoons, remained unchanged.

first written a detailed script.Then, all the characters are drawn.Each figure represents the element of movement of the character, his individual posture.Such patterns can be thousands.After the drawings or photographed by one and are combined to create a series of videos from 24 fps, or by using special software is the same on the computer.

3D cartoons

Computer animation is the most promising direction for today.It highlights the 3D cartoons.They allow you to make the image volume.This is a very expensive technology, but it is 3D animation today draw full houses in theaters.

How to make 3D animations?Of course, here to help a person come to modern technologies.The picture is created with the help of special computer programs, for example, Maya and Z-Brush.First drawn "skeleton" of the character with all the muscles and tendons.Each of them, like in a real human body, is responsible for a particular action.That is, by turning the head, we will see the movement of the neck muscles, and in the crook of his hands will be strained biceps.Particular attention is paid to the person, the muscles responsible for facial expressions.

Then a skeleton stretched texture.This is not only a color and clothing.It is important to work out every wrinkle and crease all the light and shade, etc., so that the character looked alive.Just worked out in detail the background.Everything should be as believable and realistic.To draw each blade of grass, in multiples have special modules that are "seated" vegetation in the frame as she grows in reality.

then installation begins.Typically, the animator creates a cartoon 4 seconds a week - so it's a painstaking process!To be on time, on the cartoon usually has dozens of animators.

Now, when you watch the next "Shrek" in 3D, remember how to make cartoons.Video 90 minutes long - the work of hundreds of people, the fruit of many months of labor.

Plasticine cartoon

Favorite childhood cartoons made plasticine little easier.But here on the computer in the aid does not summon, except on the stage of installation.All figures in all their actions are molded by hand.

in professional studios figurines made of special clay, which does not melt under the lights.They are then placed on a prepared surface of pure colors (blue, green) - hromokey.Figures are taken with a digital camera.Then, just removed the background.And already on the computer and the background figures are connected.This is called the method of relaying.He is now the most common.

Create your cartoon plasticine can be at home with the camera.Now on the Internet there are many workshops dedicated to how to make plasticine cartoons.And it does not need to have a professional set of tools.Suffice digital "Soap", plasticine, talented hands and simple program for video processing.