How to buy railway tickets?

How to buy railway tickets?

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How to buy railway tickets?

Many people are sorely lacking free time.And if you urgently need to go somewhere?Where to carve out an extra hour to go to the station and buy tickets?You can use the internet, where you can not only book a ticket, but also see the schedule, as well as find all the information you need.

talk more about rzd consider registering on the website and purchase it

tickets Register

To get personal cabinet in which to store all the information about the tickets and where you will be able to carry out their purchase, will have to undergo a small registration.The personal account contains information about you: your name, username, password, additional parameters.After entering the information, you will be able to buy tickets.

consider in more detail how to buy railway tickets on the site.

Instructions order

  1. Ticket To get started, sign in to your personal account.
  2. Now choose how and where you go, as well as the number on which you are planning to buy a ticket.Tickets start selling in 45 days.
  3. will display information about different trains on this number before you.By clicking on each of them, you can see the prices and the number of vacant seats.
  4. If you have already opted for one of these trains, the further it is necessary to fill in information about yourself - you enter your name, passport, city, citizenship.Do not forget to specify the location to your preferences, and also notes the need for bedding.To do this, simply tick the box "Pay linens."Also on this page you can take part in the bonus system, but more on that later.
  5. Next you will be offered to pay made by you order.If yes, you will be taken to another page where you need to enter your card details.
  6. After the operation, click on the button "Finish".

That's all, your tickets are purchased and waiting for you in your account under the name "My Orders".

your special attention to the electronic registration.There are trains, which do not have online registration.Typically, these trains are indicated without ER icons.This means that it is necessary to go to the cashier to place an electronic registration before departure at the train station.If you do not do this for any reason, you do not put on a train.If next to the name of the train ER contains an icon, then nothing to worry about, nothing extra is not necessary to register.You can only print a ticket, just in case.

As for bonuses: it's an interesting system with which you can accumulate points, which can then be used for free travel.This is handy for those who often travels in trains.To log into the system, you must register on the site

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