How to grow a flower from seed ?

How to grow a flower from seed ?

Rose is a favorite flower of many women.However, this plant is entirely possible to plant on their own.Grow as the flower can be purchased from a seed, and from collected at their summer cottage.

How to grow your own rose

Seed planting method is not suitable for all kinds of roses.Usually prefer Chinese, polyanthus, echinated and miniature rose.

Independent seed collection

  1. Choose the unripe fruit (the procedure is performed in late summer).
  2. Cut the fruit with a sharp knife and remove the seeds, carefully separate the wheat from the pulp.
  3. Next, you need to prepare the seed (stratification).

stratification of seeds under stratification

understand the procedure for preparing the seeds to accelerate germination.The procedure involves the preparation of an extract of grains in the special conditions.

Literally translated as the notion of "delamination".

  1. Dampen a cloth with hydrogen peroxide and wrap to the collected or purchased seeds.
  2. then remove the grain in a plastic bag and attach a note indicating variety and date.
  3. Remove the bag in the refrigerator (in the department for vegetables and fruits).
  4. Once a week is required to check the seeds for the presence of mold and the appearance of germs.If the seed is covered with mold, you will need to be replaced.Typically, the first shoots appear in 1.5 - 2 months.

Sowing seeds

Sprouted seeds should be planted in individual pots.As a primer can be mixed two parts garden soil, the two parts of clay and pulverized part humus.Take care of the drainage (necessary to make a hole in the bottom of the pot to remove excess water).

Usually after a week, you can see the first shoots.Next, we need to ensure colors sunlight for a long time (at least ten hours).Therefore, you need to take care of the additional equipment.

bud appeared after about two months, and a month later the plant will bloom.

As the drying of the soil should be watered flower and periodically fertilizers to enrich the soil.


Transplanting plants in the open ground is done in the spring.

  1. Select a sunny location for planting and prepare the soil (dig the ground and to make fertilizer, ash, compost, etc.).
  2. Dig a small hole for planting and water the soil.
  3. Carefully transplant the seedling.
  4. Bury the roots of the plant and water the soil again.

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